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The rule is simples!

  • Pick a system at random. (Nintendo Polystation 360, game boy DS, Ouya... take your pick)
  • Pick a franchise at random. (IV auto theft, jump mario, vegeta warriors 17... go mad)
  • Randomize like 3 - 5 searches to find bonus content (xmen, dragonball, stephen universe game).

Post your results for a game name for your grandparents to accidentally buy you. Bonus points if you make your own cover art.




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1. PS3
2. Super Ludwig Boy
3. Elder Scrolls Oblivion, Gears of War 3, NBA 2K11

Custom preference rules:
    - Game title is randomized. 1 word is replaced with "Ludwig".
    - 1 piece of my Lud art + randomized from 3 other games.


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I mostly just randomized games till I got something i thought i could do with what little Photoshop knowledge i have so....

1. IOS exclusive!!1/!   (it is the platform for modern bootlegging after all)

2. Warcraft

3: Warcraft 3 it didn't specify if it was with the expansion or not so not the expansion is too expensive for our no budget. and PEGGLE other games cut for time, budget and lack of skill :v

Thus, I present Pegglecraft™3: Reign Of Chaos™    (aggressive trademark placement will make it look a lot less like we are stealing :V)Peggle.thumb.jpg.05740d1157716bf284ca335


Now with Night Elf™ DLC only $10!



Oops huge images C:


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