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Strange weather effect


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4 hours ago, Snagged Cub said:

So, today, this happened


The effect is called the Freezing Rain which was not a nice surprise to have as the water froze my pedals super slippery. Luckily my brakes and gears were spared as the water seemingly froze instantly on contact on the frame of the bike and didn't trickle down

...Do you live in a region not conquered by the frozen nutsack of Old Man Winter, or am I just so used to the shenanigans of winter, so used to the evil of freezing rain, that this shit doesn't phase me and becomes laughable to me, like an inch of snow shutting down entire cities in the southern states?

2 hours ago, DrGravitas said:

You don't know strange until you've had Thundersnow.


I've experienced that only once, and it was when I was in 5th or 6th grade. I think it was February or March, and my siblings and I were scared because we didn't understand what was going on (because things like that are incredibly uncommon). My dad said it was thunder, which I thought was strange. It's winter though... we don't have thunder in winter!

Reading that wiki article, I'm positive it was from lake effect snow. I come from an area of MI surrounded by Lake Superior, and much of the snow during the winter is directly from the lake.

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Ahh, freezing rain... Nothing like having to put your vehicle in the ditch instead of going head-on with some oncoming out of control asshole, driving like it's the middle of summer. Love it.

Especially when the prick keeps on driving.

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