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My heart is racing!


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It's evening right now, and I headed outside to call my cat into the back patio to feed her. She didn't come, and usually she's there before me like fucking clockwork because she's a food oriented little bitch. So I went walking towards the side of my house to look for her. I just caught the silhouette in time and stopped short two steps of walking through an enormous spider web.



I am fucking terrified of spiders, and if I had taken that next couple steps I would have screamed like a bitch and danced the spider wherethefuckisit dance in full view of the neighbours and my housemate who was enjoying a drink on the patio. So at the moment all I can think is holy fucking shit and where the hell is my cat? :(

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3 minutes ago, yell0wf0x said:

I fucking hate spiders myself! I'd have screamed like a little girl if that was me. 


Edit: OP! Damn you and yer pics cuz now I'm getting the shivers. DX

I was shivering for a whole five minutes walking around outside. It's summer here and the Golden Orb Weavers and St Andrew's Cross spiders are out in force. DX

Focus on the cat. The adorable fuzzy cat. Not the fuzzy spider. =3

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