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A Small Deer Come To Say Hello

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Hi there! I've migrated here since the reopening of FurAffinity Forums recently; I've been active on FA though only ever had minimal involvement on their forum since its close / reopening and was told that this place was in good shape and more active in comparison and I didn't even know it existed! I've used Weasyl a bit since it's start and always enjoyed forum chatting more than other types of online chatting though they seem hard to come by; the only other one I've had involvement in since I joined the fandom around 4 years ago or so was one called Furry Teens.

Anyway! You can call me Moth, I'm 19 and am primarily an artist in the fandom; my fursona is a Whitetail doe. I've always loved animals and drawing animal and anthro art before I knew what furries were, though I also draw surrealist traditional art as well, and I sometimes watercolor and do photography. I have a fursuit of a toony Maiasaura character of mine and am currently in the process of making a realistic one of my fursona, Moth. I love all types of art, from sculpture and art dolls to digital and pixel art, traditional paintings, realism, photography, costuming, and even babyfur art, as I consider myself a littlefur as well. I also like anime and "kawaii" culture, and just generally am a fan of cute pastel things. I also recently got back into roleplaying, as I used to do it alot in my early teens and merely lost account of many of those I used to RP with, so if anyone wants to do that with me or would like to know what I like to RP, feel free to contact me! I'm looking forward to posting here!

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20 minutes ago, Mikazuki Marazhu said:

I am serious. You'll have to dig in the recess of this forum if you're curious. xD

Well then :/ let's just hope it's nothing bad, I don't mean anyone offense or harm honestly, just trying to find ways to make friends is all. I'd prefer to know if I somehow came across the wrong way with anyone, my return to FAF in general, and now here, has only been recent and brief so far.

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38 minutes ago, Saxon said:

Hey I recognise you. x3

...except that someone actually posted screenshots of the OP on this forum in order to say how 'cringey' they thought mainsite furries were, so...you know...I hope that this is really awkward for them:

Feeling awkward yet, Imperial impact? 


Heheheheh... Yeah I found that last night.

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Add me to the list of people who recognize you.
Anyway, hello and welcome to our lovely forums!
I probably can't say much since I'm mainly a lurker here, but this place has a pretty good atmosphere to hang around.
You'll probably start finding reasons to hate FA(F) the longer you stay here, but nonetheless, I hope you enjoy your stay!

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