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Copy'n'Pasting formatted text on the board(s)


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So i just spent the last HOUR typing out a long post with lots of formatting, colors, text sizes and 84 freaking hotlinks. To make sure my time didn't run out as it usually does with online forums, i typed out and formatted the whole sha'bang in a private message to myself. After sending the post (several times) to myself, i got what i wanted. The formatting looks great and i was ready to post the thread to the boards as a new thread...

...except i can't seem to copy'n'paste text with formatting from my PM to a new thread post! Aaaaaugh!!
Can anybody help me with this? These links took about 2 minutes to link up and i'd hate to do it aaaaaall over again...

OH! -And how the heck do i post images from outside links? There's no button for it that i can see and HTML code doesn't seem to work for me either.

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Feels like a downgrade to me. *grumble grumble*
What's strange is that if i try to 'paste' my post with the ctrl+right-click method, the text carries over with the formatting in the tiny paste window but as soon as i confirm the 'paste', it loses the formatting! Clipboard is saving the text properly formatted but won't 'paste' properly into the forum post window. it's like the options "Paste" and "Paste without formatting" do the same damn function!

i also can't stand the automatic formatting in the message window where it hyphenates words at the border. That's NOT HOW WORDS WORK! Safari on my iphone can't seem to handle this forum either because it crashes cooooooonstantly. No more lurking the boards on the toilet for me. Oh well. Unless anyone can suggest anything i haven't tried, i might just have to re-link everything all over again... *grumble grumble*

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