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Hi my name is Giga but you can call me Turbo, Gel, Ray, or Majy. What ever floats your boat yo.  I'm an artist and I love to Sew, Sculpt, Draw, Write, and do 3d models !


I do take commissions, but i'm in the process of redoing a bunch of things.


I also love to play Neopets, Flightrising and Lioden quite regularly. I'm completely open to friend requests on these sites as well so don't hesitate.


Some things I like are Tacos, Baked potatoes, cats, animals, and more. Some times I cook, or bake stuff to.I like peanutbutter and jelly sammiches to.

I have a few pets, a cat, a dog, and a birb. Their names are Boots, Biscuit, and Oregano. I have tons of photos on my Facebook if any one wants to see them.


I don't role-play much, but some times I do. Usually with close friends only.

That's really all I can think of to write so um hi how ya guys doing yo.

Also have a picture of one of my main sona's just cause.


Majy Ref View 1 WIP.png

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