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The State of YouTube: Copyright Claims Abuse!


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Just this morning, IHE posted a video about yet another copyright issue.  After watching it, it’s become excruciatingly apparent that Google, the current owners of YouTube, don’t give a flying fuck about the content creators.  This supposed company called Merlin CDLTD has posted three claims against IHateEverything, and hundreds more against other creators.  If you Google that name right now, you’ll see just how problematic they are.  Merlin is abusing the broken ass claims system that Google has put into place.  It isn’t a machine that’s posting these claims; Merlin themselves are going out of their way to mooch off of the YouTube ad revenue.  They’re making these false claims, by hand, to screw everyone over.  If you’d like to see IHE’s video, here it is:



This is where I get fucking angry. Despite everyone screaming at Google to fix their shit, they’ve outright refused!  What the fuck is wrong with you, Google?  The claims system, which we all knew was highly flawed, is being abused by corporate shitheels and lawyers who don’t know a goddamn thing about fair use! And you’re sitting on your lazy, fat asses, doing nothing about it!  What the hell is it going to take to get you fucking dumbasses to actually fix it?  And I bet you’re wondering why Doug Walker spent most of his time on Blip; it’s because you fucking slackers are too fucking stupid to fix this abused claim system! The only way to stop this blatant, and illegal, abuse is to actually do something about it!

I swear...  That’s enough from me, guys.  What do you think of all this bullshit? Let me know down below.

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Youtube makes me angry. But what's worse is that people refuse to use anything else simply because everyone else uses Youtube. No one wants to switch to a different service that has less issues as Youtube already has everyone using it and is the easiest to use service. Youtube has a hold on video content creators and this means that no matter what Youtube does, people will stick with it. Its in a terrible state and has been gradually getting worse. Why aren't people switching to Vimeo? Why demand Youtube to fix its errors instead of going to a different site and asking for more features? Youtube would have more reason to fix itself if people stopped using it since they'd be losing money.

EDIT: Also its worth noting that the current claims system allows people who aren't even companies with power and/or lawyers to get videos removed. Anyone can file a copyright claim and cripple a video, at least temporarily. This has already happened on some videos, such as what happened with Vivienne Medrano with "Gabe Newell" filing a copyright claim on her Die Young animation. So its extremely easy to screw with people with copyright claims, which is a problem since people make money off of their videos and compete for views.

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@Battlechili another reason why people use YouTube because between them and their next biggest competitor, Vimeo, I think YouTube gives content creators more 'freedom' with their work 

Vimeo has a limit on how big your files can be and after that you have to pay, YouTube doesn't 

I don't think Vimeo allows monetization either but I don't use it enough to know 

and I feel that if everyone switched to Vimeo or something else, I feel they'd just be bringing the copyright/fair use problems with them 

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3 hours ago, Battlechili said:

Youtube makes me angry. But what's worse is that people refuse to use anything else simply because everyone else uses Youtube. ...

Why aren't people switching to Vimeo? Why demand Youtube to fix its errors instead of going to a different site and asking for more features? Youtube would have more reason to fix itself if people stopped using it since they'd be losing money.

There's currently no good or even decent competitor to YouTube. Vimeo is very conscious of it's brand: being a place for well produced film-related content (short films, etc.). It understands its niche very well and the type of community it attracts. It's paid video on demand service being pretty much the only way to make money on Vimeo totally fits with their mission, and I like the direction they are going with it. (I like being able to pay for tutorials through Vimeo, a feature I wish YouTube has.) I also like YouTube for the type of content it has on there, the channel-style interface, and the community tools. However, I don't see Vimeo wanting to tarnish its brand and its niche just to get a bunch of YouTube users migrating. I probably wouldn't want the type of people making YouTube videos, or the kind of YouTube users on my video hosting site either.

Google has massive scalability. Bandwidth and storage for Google is cheaper than any other company can possibly manage, which is why the service can be free, even for people who don't want to monetize their videos, or people who have so few views they can't make Google a penny off of ads.

Why won't people switch to Vimeo? Because Vimeo's interface doesn't support the kind of browsing, ranking, and curation that YouTube has. Vimeo doesn't have ads (yay!) meaning the only way to get money is through people willing to pay for videos. Vimeo doesn't allow lets plays or other game-related content. Vimeo is limited on what they can give for free because they are not Google.

The big issue with ContentID claims, ad revenue, YouTube Red, and so on all boils down to one thing. If you are making money with YouTube. There's absolutely no way you are guaranteed the same income this month as you had last month, not because of the quality of your content, or the whims of your fans, or world events, but it's mostly due to someone claiming copyright to your videos (rare), or YouTube changing their video search algorithms (happens often), changes to YouTube's revenue sharing system, and so on. It is so incredibly fragile, and neither YouTube creators nor their fans have much control over how content creators gets money.

Proof of a lost sale and a written reason why gives you a loud voice in the ear of Google.That's the reason why I purposefully got a YouTube Red subscription, paid for one month, and then canceled it so I could fill out their survey asking why I canceled my subscription. The reason I gave them? This is paraphrasing but it went something like this: "I just found out my YouTube Red money does not go directly to the people I watch, but rather it goes into a big poll and gets distributed evenly based on global views. Meaning my money doesn't really go to the people I watch, but rather to mega channels like PewDiePie and The Fine Brothers, artists who I don't care much for. I thought YouTube Red would have been a very convenient way for me to contribute to the people I watch, but only a microscopic amount of my YouTube subscription goes to the people I want to support. My only option right now is to send my money directly to content creators using sites like Patreon and their own personal donation pages."

And that's what I do. AdBlock + Patreon is equivalent to the YouTube Red experience I was hoping for. (That and the 4k Video Downloader program and VLC on my phone so I can listen to videos on my phone with the screen off. That was the one YouTube Red feature I missed, but I didn't tell Google that.)

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