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What's your favorite soda flavor?


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I'm very fond of Mountain Dew, but the 6 x 710mL bottles are hard to get here. Dr. Pepper in that format is definitely my go-to; the two varieties of pop I miss the most are Tahiti Treat (a super-sweet C'Plus subvariety that went out of production at least ten years ago) and Minute Maid Orange Soda (which I don't think I've seen available here since I was quite wee; the only format for it I can recall seeing is the old 280mL cans other than fountain soda). A recent comeback that I'm fond of is Fanta's current soda pop line; in this case, Cream Soda, Grape, and Orange (my favourite), and they're available in 2L bottles and standard pop cans. I think the formula may have changed, unless it's been long enough that I don't clearly remember how Fanta tasted when I was wee.


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I don't drink soda but I suppose orange (citrus in general) would be my favorite flavor.

When I do choose to drink soda my favorite brand would be: 



Filipino brand is the way to go. Cane sugar is best sugar.

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23 minutes ago, Battlechili said:

Mug's root beer > A&W root beer > Sierra Mist > Sprite 

Root beer and lemon lime are best flavors.

Nothing else matters or is even relevant. Prove me wrong.

Sierra Mist, 7 Up, and Sprite have all the wonderfully stale flavor of well-aged Sun Drop without the overwhelmingly bitter flavors, extreme amounts of sugar, and loads of caffeine that make it work as an energy drink.

Other than stating that root beer is the least soda soda there is, I'm done. Feel free to change your mind about your choices at any point after reading this post. You're welcome.

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1 hour ago, Clove Darkwave said:

Wow no A&W Root Beer?


1 hour ago, Chrysocyon said:

Dr. Pepper, It's like sugar in a can/bottle.  Also ginger beer.

IBC is better.


20 minutes ago, LazerMaster5 said:

A harder flavor to find, but mixing Orange Crush and Mtn Dew works too.

I have done this, pretty good me.

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