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Happy Leap Day!


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My favorite pay-calendar anomaly is the 3-paycheck month. Being paid biweekly means every one in a while the dates align such that you get paid 3 times in one month. The third paycheck is usually larger too, because certain monthly deductions aren't taken out (having already been fulfilled by the previous two checks) and usually has more free because you've already paid off the monthly bills. Last one I had was last December, which is just spectacular timing really.

As for leap days... Frankly, anything that puts off that day later this week is a welcome reprieve.

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I was gonna get some pizza cuz they were having a really nice sale on it for leap day, but I can't eat 2 large pizzas all by myself before they stop tasting good (reheated pizza isn't very good and I don't like it cold), so woulda been a waste of money even though the 2nd pizza would have pretty much been free.

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