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RP rules


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Just as a reminder, the site's rules still apply to this section and you can go here  to view them

The Lion's Pride Inn rules:

  • Please be aware that this is a PG-13 area. Any users found breaking this rule may receive infractions or find their account restricted from posting. 
  • Refrain from trolling or "trollish" threads and posts.
  • L337-sp33k and Chat speak are prohibited. We ask that you try make some effort with your posts (everyone isn't perfect with grammar or can do a Tl;Dr).  Posts consisting of emojis are also prohibited. 
  • Stay on topic. Before you post, please read the OP's post carefully and what requirements they have in order to join in. They can set limits to what kind of posts are okay, or post length. 
  • Title your posts appropriately. Threads that are named "A suggestion" or "Question for people" may be renamed by staff, moved to another sub forum or locked. 
  • Remain civil and refrain from personal attacks, insults, etc. If a person is doing any of these things, use the report button. Do not instigate it further. 
  • Try to keep OOC posts (Out of Character) down to a minimum. We can't stop you from doing it, but it can junk up the thread. For out of character posts, use {these brackets}.
  • As a reminder, maintain a good perspective in RP. You=/= your character or their beliefs. Being a character is no different from acting. Try to keep personal issues out of the RP. 
  • Do not bump or spam threads. 
  • No ERP (Erotic Roleplay) Threads or Fetish RP. It ma be named after the infamous inn of Elwynn Forest, but it isn't that kind of place. 
  • Remember to respect people's RPs and have fun!

If I am forgetting something, or if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. 

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What kind of RPs/Threads are okay:

  • Inn-based/Club based
  • Character socialization threads. 
  • Novelized RP threads
  • Fight threads/Fight club
  • Character critique threads
  • RP Topics and help
  • Specific Genre RPs (Dungeons and Dragons, Digimon, Pokemon, mafia, Ferals, werewolf, etc)


What's not okay:

  • Sex threads/NSFW Fetish threads
  • Chat speak or l337sp33k threads 
  • Parody threads (Mocking another thread in the forums)
  • Topics that do not belong (Subject to review depending)
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