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Florida theme parks


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Oh, that?

Just stay away from the bridge where I keep my drug stash under and you're golden

Other than that I would try the buildings-made-to-look-like-things attractions. For example, we have Swampy the alligator for jungle adventures and twistee treats This is because us Floridans are illiterate and must see the shape of a building to understand what its for. (I am a special case)

The beaches are a tourist attraction and a lie Florida is 95% swamp and palm trees. No lie I had three full size palm trees growing out of my backyard


Other than that Id head to universal studios, the disney parks, wonderworks and/or ripleys believe it or not, the citywalk hard rock (I suggest this especially), downtown disney, and the like

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Busch Gardens is the park I visit the most.  It's got some fun rides and entertainment, and a lot of animals. c:

You can't go wrong with any the Disney parks either, but I haven't been in years.  The Disney water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, are especially nice in the summer, but maybe a little chilly for that at the moment.

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15 hours ago, iamtheend said:

Done all the parks apart from bush gardens which I'm doing next week, but found out its Daytona bike week starting Saturday so I timed this vacation right 

Aw yeah, sweet dude. Sounds like you had a blast. Congrats

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