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Rave: It's A Good Day.


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Today is a day where everything came together perfectly. 

The day isn't over yet but if things stay chill until 5PM this will have been a very good day.

I didn't even have to use my AK. 

Sending a shout out and positive energy to you all!

I hope you can feel it and use it to power a great day for yourselves. 

Crush your enemies! Celebrate your victories! 


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12 minutes ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

Watch something catastrophic happen like you look in the closet and ran out of cereal. The horror. Day ruined.

Okay but yeah thats good to hear, my day just started and Ive got work in a bit so heres to having the goodvibes spread my way

Nah man. Only something like a drive by shooting could ruin this day.

Plus it would only ruin it if I got hit. 

If dodged the bullets it would be an even better day. 

57 minutes ago, Rhíulchabán said:



Good to hear things are going well for you though!

Assume your ultimate form!

Get McNuggets!

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Fool! Don't you know that things start going to shit if you aknowledge that you're having a decent day??


Bullshit aside, it's good to hear you're doing alright, you fucker ;)

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Get em Cube!

I too am having an excellent friday. I am fullu paid and stocked upfor the next week, got a fat bag of weed, my 2 best friends on the entire planet are showing up tomorrow afternoon, and I am currently not wearing pants. All is well

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