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Whats the "story" with DarkSydePhil?


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I don't really know much about video gaming and the community, but from what I've seen from videos of him playing, the biggest complaints seemed to be-

Making let's plays despite being less than brilliant at them (having a big ego, maybe?) 

Allegedly "lying" about watching/reading One Piece because he didn't instantly recognise scenes (weird, because the One Piece fandom didn't previously seem one of the rabid anime fandoms)

Commenting on female characters', er... chests, even though some were blatantly fanservicey to begin with.

Not feeling whatever emotion the designers intended (being happy during characters deaths etc)

The guy did something else, right? I mean, I can't imagine how these minor slights caused the hate the guy gets. Everything I read on Tvtropes seemed incredibly petty.

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Oh boy is this my time to sperg shine.

Here's a quick n' dirty history of the man-shaped oxygen receptacle known as DSP. He started out doing let's play videos around 2008 or so (so not at the "birth" of LP, but before it started to gain widespread traction) and was mostly known before then as a beloved member of the fighting game community, being that guy who (allegedly) almost got beat up at EVO and was caught crying in his hotel room, and getting kicked from a tourney for being his lovely, nuanced self.

Anywho, he started making LP's around the time of the great fighting game revival of 2009 and somehow managed to make a living off it by shamelessly abusing YT's search algorithm as much as possible, and generally just spamming as much shit as he could so he would come up pretty much anytime someone searched for gameplay videos. He eventually gained a fair bit of popularity by screaming his head off at people online in Street Fighter 4, which gave birth to many of the more infamous DSP-related catchphrases (online lag tactics, I'M PRESSING BUTTONS, etc).

He continued to have various mini-controversies over the years such as getting banned from the late blip.tv for making really bad holocaust jokes, "giving away" autographed games...without the games because he sold them to Gamestop, taking down people's videos due to "copyright", claiming to have invented LP's, shit talking his own fans who have the audacity to help him, and really just being a lying scummy asshole overall. I can't be arsed to list them all because there's a lot, but rest assured he really deserve a lot of the hate he gets. I mean he's the "King of Hate" right?

Eventually he gained widespread infamy with his LP of MGS 3 which was lovingly compiled into an epic 2 and a half hour montage of failure, which accidentally created a whole new genre of "ridiculously long montages of DSP being comically bad at things".

I could go on longer but I'll just leave you with a few of my favorite LP'ers (including some of the actual "inventors" of LP as we know it) mocking the shit out of him.

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