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Sparky's Art/Sketch Panoply


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Not sure why I didn't start one of these earlier, since the other forums i was in had them. Ah well, let's hope for the best that I don't forget about it for weeks or months at a time! I work 100% in traditional,and you can expect fantasy/sci-fi things, fanart, a lot of worldbuilding and character/creature concepting, and some miscellany between. I'll start off with a couple of personal things I've been working on:


Lines for an illustration featuring my GW2 reaper Phlebotomist Zepp. Will be colored in Copics and as is probably obvious, is heavily inspired by Art Deco designs and composition.


And a visual rework/update of an old half-dragon troll monster character I've had for years. I do so love pen sketching, taking away some of that control that pencil has makes me less hesitant and content to just do as I will and focus on shapes and movement.

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Thank you kindly Saxon! Even my sketches can go through quality control but I might convince myself to post even the roughest, most spaghettified messes here too.

Here's some coloring progress on this personal thing:


It's a photo so the colors are not nearly vivid enough compared to the actual piece but I'll scan the finished thing of course. The colors look disjointed and strange but it's still coming together and it's been looking good.

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Here's a fun thing: thumbnails, specifically the kinds of thumbnails I give my clients when I'm working on an involved character illustration. Because everyone loves options and it ensures the commissioner is as happy with the finished product as possible, and I don't have to do tons of rework! Everyone wins. I'll post progress on this when I'm actually sketching and inking (he picked #1).


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