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Nuke your city


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Interesting thing I found online. Nukemap. So instead of telling people where you live, blow it up.

It shows the radial extent of the damage caused by nuclear warheads with adjustable Yield and height of detonation.

Johannesburg Hiroshima Simulation

This is a 15 Kiloton A-Bomb at 580m in the air. The fallout is minimum but the radiation area can be seen in the green circle at a smaller radius than the 5 psi airblast. The fireball is about 3.5 rugby fields in diameter while The heat radius is still at 1.91 km. This is a big frekin explosion.

Now for the scary monster.

October 30th 1961, drunk crazy Russians detonated a H-bomb with a yield of 50 megaton. This is the equivalent of putting 50 million tonnes of TNT together and suddenly blowing it up. It is the largest man made explosion recorded to date and remember, 1961. Who knows wtf the world has today.

The test along with most of the testings done was a communication method more than actual testing. It was literally meant to prove a countries potential to the other. It was even stated after Tsar Bomba that the US asked Russia "but why the hell did you do it?" The answer was. "To show you we can!"

Here is a 50MT H-Bomb at 4km in heigh over Johannesburg CBD.


The blast fireball literally engulfs the entire CBD where thermal radiation (heat) can be felt as far as Vanderbijlpark. 21km from the epicenter the shock wave is still at 5psi basically enough to collapse houses and it'll dissipate from there to further shattered windows and knocking over weak structures over a higher radius.

Just thought some people might be interested.


Game: Nuke CBD with a Tsar bomb (50000KT 4000m high), Check if you're dead, say what happens to you.


Link gave...

50MT at 4km in the air over Johannesburg. CBD

House destroyed after the 5psi shockwave hit. Thermal radiation cause extensive 3rd degree burns. Glass stuck in my left eye. Can't go to shelter so depending on the direction the wind is blowing I could die from radiation fallout and probably will die of internal organ damage. Damn I was playing fallout just now and the nuke feecked my pc. :D


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11 minutes ago, TheGreatFanatic said:


It isn't all that bad.

New Jersey's dead.

Yeah Tsar was meant to have 100MT but the plane wouldn't have gotten out of the way quickly enough so they reduced it to 50MT. Also airburst guys. 4km under advanced. 


Edit: Meh...WTH... Be creative. :P We probably have that in a silo somewhere.

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Dagnabbit, surface bursts are only good for irradiating wide areas! You need air bursts for maximum strategic destruction. And what are these targets? These have virtually no military value and their economic value is limited. Except for you, @TheGreatFanatic, good work: the radiation panic you would cause would seize the entire eastern seaboard, crash the economy and set the nation back years or even decades.


Since I already ran this during my Nuke Korea thread back during the NK's recent test, I'll throw that one out here:


Of course, this was merely meant for maximum coverage with a single US MIRV ICBM (With an accurate number of warhead detonations and yields, no less.)

Note how Pyongyang is an air burst, conferring maximum destruction over hardened targets while surface bursts spread radiation over important (and in NK, scarce) farmlands. Now that's how you eliminate a nation effectively. Also, I had a spare warhead, so I nuked their only national park, too. >:3



Now how about a semi-realistic single (Russian) MIRV targeting the US? Well, I am using the RSM-56 Bulava as my model, which has 6 150 kt warheads. I included other circles in the advanced options; the widest circle is the minimum range we can expect 100% chance of no burns to people. My targets will be:

New York (economic and psychological)


Obvious targets are obvious. Aside from being a major economic contributor, it is also a major symbol. I place the nuke in Manhattan in such a way as to maximize potential damage to bridges to slow emergency response and increase the likelihood of secondary damage as fires burn out of control on the island.


Capitol (Military, Leadership, psychological)


Centered nearly over the Pentagon in Arlington, rather than directly over the capitol buildings, though they are hit as well for some psychological value. Plus, who can resist?




Seattle (Economic, Future)


Host to many strong technical companies, and Boeing (actually, I think their headquarters moved to Chicago) make Seattle a strong economic target. The devastation brought is increased by choosing a surface burst to irradiate Bellevue (Tech companies including Valve Software and others) and Redmond (Microsoft and others). The elimination or severe injury of many of the brightest young technical population will prove to have long lasting effects for the country in several critical sectors.


Chicago (Psychological, Economic)


More psychological than economical, really, although I think this will be a one two punch to Boeing. I center over a mass of highway interchanges to severely affect the flow of traffic in this region of the country, while still slamming the famous loop. Emergency services will be slow, but the infrastructure damage will spread far beyond the city.


Yale University and Princeton University (Future, Psychological, Spiteful)



Home to some of the top economic and political minds of the country, as well as the Alma Mater of many leaders around the US and the World. The destruction of these two very old universities will completely alter the future political landscape of the entire world. I surface burst over Princeton to include Edison, New York and additional highway infrastructure and surface burst Yale, to ensure I irradiate the near by country club, too. XP



And why not, Here's what the Tsar Bomba would do to my old home town of Naperville, Illinois. Airburst:


The town is literally a crater. Devastation reaches into Chicago. Most of Illinois is gone, really. Of course, the Tsar Bomba was never a practical weapon; merely a demonstration test, so this is hardly worth any consideration. Still, shows just how much smaller realistic yeilds, like the strategic ones above are compared to psychological tests weapons.

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I'm not comfortable with posting my map publicly, but with the 50mtt Tsar at the settings described by the OP I leveled my town, killed 19,500 cilvilians, wounded 3,500 more, and pissed off Canada with the fallout fartcloud landing in their forests. Gonna be a lot of radioactive moose. 

Nothing of importance was destroyed. 

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