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Rant: Cooking Portions


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I just can't seem to get things right! First I make so much food I end up throwing half of it away after a week, and now I'm looking at how much of my food is left for THIS week, and I'm OUT?

Okay, I'm not exactly out but what I've got left looks suspiciously too small for two days worth of meals.I suppose I could stretch it, but darnit. 

Still getting a handle on this cooking deal.

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1 minute ago, 6tails said:

I've not attended any furry gatherings in SoCal, mostly because my tiger does not like going out. I'm generally out mining in the desert, or sitting at home cooking, or having company over.

Aww. We've got a new location this year within the same park.

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11 minutes ago, 6tails said:


Satellite data I have tells me that there's some serious potential right where I have my circle.

That looks about right! If you're going to be in the circle on the right, stop by. We're going to be there from Dawn to Dusk. I might have to leave early for work in San Clemente (so leaving at 2), but if work gets me the time off I'm there till the park kicks us out.

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54 minutes ago, #00Buck said:

6tails is actually an excellent cook. 

He is a trained chef, I'd be disappointed if he wasn't.

How exactly are you mismanaging portions? It's not that hard. You just need to plan ahead for a few days then portion out what you're able to eat.  


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1 hour ago, 6tails said:

I'd be willing to bet it's more an issue of not being used to how much of each ingredient is typically used for a dish, which is hinted at by the stated over-abundance of prepared food that goes to waste.

Bingo. Also misjudging how much I can eat. Turns out my appetite varies a lot more than I'm used to, and I'm having to force myself to eat at times.

53 minutes ago, Toboe said:


By the time I realized, it was too late - and it could have been fine but if I think food isn't fine I will get sick REGARDLESS.

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