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Weird greetings from a weird person

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Good morning all!


SO, it's 08:43 here and I've been thinking most of the night for a good intro post. Because I suck at em.

Let's just do this


Name: Weird Fox
Country: Netherlands
Age: 29 (30 next week)

How did I get into furry stuff? Well, I always loved the art style, a few years back (2014) I started to look at art to spice up the PC room. I wanted something a bit, naughty, not NSFW, just pinup styles etc. I quickly ended up mostly looking at furry ideas. I guess from that point on I loved it, well I did for way earlier. But the people I could talk to about it were/are mostly "omg furry as the sex with animals omg NOOO" people. (even at dutch festivals that is still the main thought about it sadly enough :( )
Lately I've decided "fuck it, enjoy what you like, and don't care what others think" (obviously within boundaries :P )

Fursuit? Nope, sadly due to a health issue I can't lose my bodyheat all that fast, so a fursuit would be way, way to warm for me

Other hobbies? Gaming (atm Wildstar, Factorio, Minecraft, Dark Souls 3, Forza 6 and finishing my backlog of PS4 games) Music (Metal, blues, rock, classical) Art (mostly slightly NSFW to hang around the house, me and the missus love that stuff)

Any other stuff? Ask away!

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4 hours ago, TheGreatFanatic said:


Pastry, if you will, do explain to this peasant who the proper winner is.

Peasant?! Never! I shall throw the gauntlet, duel at dawn! You can choose the weapons! We meet by the old Oak Tree, no not that one, the other one. No, not that one either, you know the one between the store and the station? That one.

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