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Cyberconnect2 opens studio in Montreal; Project Venom announced!


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Cyberconnect2 opened up a new game development studio in Montreal, Canada. Now Westerners will be able to help them develop games. And besides that, a new project is already being worked on called Project Venom, which is announced to be an all original project. Its genre is said to be action shooter, and its apparently NOT going to be an open world game but it will take some elements from RPGs. Its supported platforms will be Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC, and it will be CC2's first self-published project.

This'll be the first CC2 game in a while that isn't a licensed anime fighter or a phone game! I'm really excited! I want them to get big. Supposedly they're trying for worldwide releases, which would be awesome! CC2 puts a lot of love and effort into their original projects when they make them, even if they've usually got problems. .hack//, Solatorobo, Asura's Wrath...And now this!

....I realize this probably won't mean a whole lot to most people but this got me really excited! I've been working towards a CS degree in the hopes of becoming a video game developer someday. I had dreams of wanting to work for CC2 since they're my favorite game company, but the fact that they were Japan-based made that dream a long shot. But now its so much closer and so much easier to see it come to fruition! I may get to see my dream become a reality in the near future! And I do mean near future; I only have a couple more years before I finish college, as long as no monetary issues arise or I don't flunk out.

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Meh, if it's coming to PC, it will have CC32's signature 30FPS lock.  You know, cause action games really need low framerates.  Hopefully these Americans won't be nearly as retarded when it comes to programming, though then again, American and Japanese publishers are the one that shit on PC the most.

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