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The Set Game


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So here's how the game works:


At the beginning of each round, the GM defines the set, or a rule which is used to determine the members of a set.

For example:

Rule: Any word which starts with the letter "A".

Thus "apple" is part of the set; "pear" is not.

The rest of the players have to guess this rule by making a post with these three contents:

1. A guess of the rule.
2. A guess of a member.
3. A guess of a nonmember.

For example, someone may post this:

Rule: Words that begin with "L".
Member: Love
Nonmember: Hatred.

GMs have to update the list as players move along. Whoever guesses the rule correctly can be the next GM. 

I'll start with a simple one.

Member: Bugs Bunny

Non-Member: Darth Vader

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On 4/29/2016 at 10:41 PM, Endless/Nameless said:


(Rule: Animated characters
Member: Ren Höek
Nonmember: Keanu Reeves)


On 4/29/2016 at 0:30 AM, Faust said:

Dudes, really? The rule is: alliterative names.

Member: Daisy Dukes

Non-Member: Boss Hog


Members: Bugs Bunny, Ren Höek

Non-Members: Darth Vader, Barry Bonds, Adam West, Keanu Reeves, Boss Hog

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Was Daisy Dukes a member or a non-member?

Actually, never mind, I just remembered who Ren Höek is.

The rule is Anthropomorphic Animals.
Member: Officer Judy Hopps
Non-Member: Mike Tyson

(In my last guess I thought your example was also part of the sequence, hence why I got it wrong.)
Anyone else getting the idea yet?

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