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I'm transferring this from the old FAF Page Waybac machine. If I still owe you a doodle please let me know your new user name.

SLOTS FILLED for the moment. Just trying to finish the ones I already have. If I open up more slots, I will let you know.

I don't do requests often, but I am in the mood to doodle some fursonas tonight. These doodles will exactly that: Doodles, no finished work.

Starting out I'm looking for five volunteers, perhaps more.

What I need from you: Provide me a reference to your fursona. One character per person. If you do not have a ref, sorry I not in the mood to design anything tonight. I will pick a pose and draw your character. By requesting your fursona, you are giving me permission to show the doodle in my portfolio.



Bodie Z -Finished
Taramack - Finished
Stickycrop - Finished
CrazyTundrawolf -Finished
Zirco - Finished
Marazhu - Finished
LazorMaster5 - Finished

Scarlet Fox
RT Dragon

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