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Furry people that you admire


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Is there any furry artists, entertainers, writers, or people in general who you think very highly of?

This thing is a rarity for me but... I've always had some admiration for Fredryk Phox ever since his videos were blasted on Ebaum's. I've been checking out some of his other stuff more recently and I still think he's brilliant.

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ookemono (artist that does agentletouch) does a lot of really realistic and intimate smut. That's all they do, and I think its catering to a niche that like smut that doesn't want anything.. y;know, yucky. I admire Doxy/Onta for doing tutorials to educate people on things like technique, anatomy and such. 

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I admire and somewhat idolize Sho Shibamoto for creating a finished webcomic with a wonderful story and gorgeous artwork and consistently keeping that gorgeous rustic artstyle. It reminds me how much I want to develop some sort of unique artstyle that winds up making its way to getting published in some manner.

I feel similarly about Vivienne Medrano for many of the same reasons.

I also admire Mamesuke and a few of the others working at Cyberconnect2 for going so far as to getting their furry artwork into a video game by a somewhat high profile company. It shows that if you put enough effort into something you can beat the odds and do something almost unheard of.


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Depending on how one defines the fandom, Stan Sakai and Rusty Haller (RIP) are the first that come to mind. Such talented cartoonists and nice people. As far as furry authors, Paul Kidd. Vivienne Medrano is awesome, of course, and so is Telephone. Fursuit makers also get props from me. Especially Monoyasha, for making fursuit building more accessible to the rest of us. The parts available through DVC were almost unimaginable just a few years ago. Not all of these folks would call themselves furries, but they're part of the bigger picture.

If I had to pick one, I'd probably go with Monoyasha because her work has been such a game changer.

I'm sure other names will come to me on the drive home.

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Viv Medrano and Sukotto are my favorite furry artists.
And I have commissions coming from both of them!! :3

As far as other furry people that I like? 2Gryphon, Telephone...

All of you guys.

7 hours ago, Rabbit Head said:




You've been added to the Wall of Promotion on my tumblr.

I get no traffic tho so don't get excited.

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I've never been comfortable name dropping. 

Someone I truly admire? For very serious and deep reasonings very close to my heart? It wouldn't be an artist. It wouldn't be a fursuiter. I can respect those people, but to truly admire them, I feel like I'd need to know them. The people I truly admire would be the people I met on FaF and became close friends with. People like Umbra, or Seekrit (where ever he may be nowadays) among others. Those are the ones I admire.

Especially though? Six. That mother fucker means the world to me. He did more for me than one could imagine. He fucking turned my life around. He helped me become the person I am today. He gave me my confidence. The will to fight my depression. He improved my life in so many ways. It's because of him that I try my damndest to be my best, to give myself to others. All in hopes I can pass on even some fraction of what he gave me and pay it forward. 

I just.. agh. I'll need to stop. I'm out doing things and this is making me cry like a bitch :v

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1 minute ago, Saxon said:

He's not seekrit; I am seekrit.

Oh hush you Spartacus

1 minute ago, Falaffel said:

I probably don't know you, it having been so long. 

I have changed a lot, that's just what time does. You've changed a lot too! It's all good so far.

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