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Current novel is a urban fantasy/horror affair. It's done, though I need to edit it one more time for some minor issues and find the last handful of typos I missed. I'll post the back-of-the-book blurb for you, since i spent a painstakingly large amount of time on it :P




At first it’s a bad dream, and Norbert has been on enough antidepressants to know that nightmares come with the territory. Yet this one is different: it’s too vivid, too focused. It’s like he’s awake. Dirty oil lamps hang from the ceiling on metal chains while black bookshelves run from one shadowed horizon to the next. It’s a library, and it isn’t empty.

The dream ends with a book. Norbert finds a pattern and a word he recognizes, and the next day while bored in class, he replicates the drawing. The picture bursts into flames. The dream was real, and so is magic.

And for the first time since he was diagnosed with depression, Norbert is happy. If magic can exist, then maybe he can wake up one day and not be depressed. Maybe he can just be boring and normal like everyone else.

Maybe he isn’t stuck.

However, change won’t be as easy as Norbert hopes. He returns to the library every night, and the more magic he learns, the more he feels trapped. There are monsters in the library, and the ones that don’t chase him promise him answers to his worst fears.

There are some things even magic can’t fix.[/quote]


Other project I got going is a video game, but there are so many goddamn characters that this post would get HUGE if I went into all of them. Right now though, we got the merchant buy/sell menu in and I want her to be a fairly important character, so I gotta start on that and your dialogue with her should you choose the "talk" option. Game took a turn for the multiverse, and she's gonna be some kind of planeswalker, going from universe to universe for some reason or another. Not sure yet. Might not actually give one, now that I think about it; I just want her to tell kinda strange, cryptic stories. Hints as to what's going on but not full on answers

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Why not...


I have kinda shelved it before I got too far, but fantasy affair (as in, it's kinda like Medieval times set in a different world, not the other kind of fantasy affair) set in a period where flintlocks and gunpowder are available, but blades and armor are still the most widely used weaponry. No magic, though I was working on a sort of element that would come into the story later and have uses. It used anthropomorphic characters partially because I wanted to and it allowed me to have certain species interactions be influenced by factors, and partially because I wanted to see if I could write a story with anthropomorphic characters that felt like the anthropomorphism is an important element. 


Have put it away for now due to, certain issues.

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Weird Ace Attorney cases.

The Simulated Turnabout:
A simulated court case goes awry when a dead body is found in the evidence.
(Kain and Leo are assigned to a simulated court case (for students to watch) about a stolen car.
In the car, a dead body is found and their client is accused.)

Turnabout Inhertiance:
A mother (Sunny Deshroder) is found dead in her mansion and the 
oldest (Summer) of her four children(Adam, Wynter, Vera) is accused.
(Kain and Leo defend a sister who is accused of murdering her mother for her fortune.)

Tune Into the Turnabout:
A DJ drops dead on air and his assistant is accused of poisoning him.
(Kain and Leo defend a DJ's assistant in a seemingly open-and-shut case.)

Race for the Turnabout:
Kain's father is murdered while in the hospital and a nurse admits to the crime.
(Kain and Leo defend a self-accusing nurse while the other hospital
staff hides their own secrets.)

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I've got a few that I haven't touched in a while cause other things keep distracting me.... really need to get back on them. I'll just copy/paste from Charahub cause I'm too lazy to re-summarize everything lol

This one is the story I've been putting the most time into, though I'll only post a bit of info cause I have a looooot to show and I don't want to bore others with the nitty-gritty. v:




Sifting Sands

Main Character - Terros Alcove

A righteous dragon with many fears, Terros dedicates himself to protecting a small civilization of outcast species from hunters and predators.


Born and raised into a reclusive human family (the Alcoves), Terros spent his whelp years hauling metal into large crucibles at a nearby steel mill.

Originally a golden dragon, the few years of harsh temperatures in combination with oxidized metals tainted his scales' color to a rusty orange. Unbeknownst to the Alcoves, golden dragons were sought after by the wealthy and greedy as mere trophy pets; Terros was soon discovered then taken from his home and family by hired men after they ransacked the Alcove's stretch of land.

The nobleman who ordered the capture of Terros, now his owner, took a quick liking to the dragon and flaunted him whenever and wherever he pleased. The nobleman was collecting as many rare animals as he could for quick satisfaction. Terros, confused and overwhelmed by his new surroundings, did little to escape, instead accepting his new position as the spoiled house pet. He soon became acquainted with the other captured animals in the estate, and created a strong bond with an older bird-like dinosaur who spoke of nothing but his homeland.

The dinosaur's stories soon changed Terros's mind about living a cushy life, and they planned an escape to the dinosaur's beloved home. Their escape was forced prematurely when an Alcove, who was tracking Terros, furiously attacked the nobleman's guards at high noon.

Having nowhere to run but into the nearby city and refusing to fly, Terros (and his dinosaur companion) was recaptured that same night. They were in line for a harsh punishing, but the homesick dinosaur, wanting no more of it, retaliated and ripped off one of the nobleman's arms. The house fell silent before the loud crack of a rifle heralded the death of Terros's best and only friend.

The rusted dragon, livid and merciless after having witnessed the death of a loved one, tore through the nobleman's manor in the dark, killing any human he came in contact with. In the aftermath, the dragon picked up his friend's body and flew to the only paradise he knew still existed - the Hidden Bay, the much talked-about homeland.



The fanfic that I've been wanting to write for years but I keep hesitating. This is more or less the same story as the one I mentioned above, but this came before and I wanted to use original characters so I threw it in the backburner. It's what the Digimon movie is to Summer Wars, though with more differences.



Broken Shard, Shattered Claw

A Rathalos is captured and forced to fight in a colosseum; Jaggi siblings travel around the continent causing trouble.



The precursor to the world I created in Sifting Sands (sci-fi/fantasy world). Takes place decades before.



Swift Judgment

Two inventors try to change the world by introducing non-lethal weapons, but they get caught up in the wrong crowd while selling their product.



Then there's the comic/joke universe that I created years ago; tons of characters with senseless humor, though I won't get into detail (mostly because I'm disorganized and I've yet to create a Charahub section for them).

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In a similar boat to @Amiir, I'm not writing a novel. Not focusing on an individual character, either, but I am working on a sci-fi universe with a heavy militaristic slant to it. Occasionally I'll string together a short story from stuff I've worked out.

Here's an example, a story titled 02.17.2483:


A spherical shockwave erupted out from what was once nothingness, ghostly blue energy washing over the ebony void of space. Here and there, where light met dark, various shapes slid into existence -- bulkheads, hull plating, gun turrets, all revealing themselves as if a curtain were being drawn back from each individual atom. The entire process took only a few seconds, the shockwave dissipating and breaking apart into thin spectral wisps that faded away into memory and left behind Seventh Fleet Taskgroup Four. The Command Carrier, a Tel'Shor-class with a proud twenty-seven years of service on her frame, dominated the heart of the taskgroup, faintly illuminated by the blinding energy of the nearby Fleet Anchorcraft's tumultuous, exposed Dimensional Tunneling Matrix Generator, commonly referred to as an Anchorpoint.

Inside the cramped Combat Information Center of the Command Carrier, more than a dozen Hadeans sat at various stations, studying displays and tweaking controls. One called out, never removing her gaze from the console in front of her, "Sir, transition complete; all starcraft accounted for and reporting green." The Taskgroup Director, a middle-aged Hadean male clad in the drab grey overcoat typical of StarForce command personnel, nodded curtly from the command platform. "Thank you, GroupOps." He turned slightly to face another crewmember, "Communications, begin hailing the colony on all frequencies, see if you can establish contact." A gruff "Affirmative" was the reply, followed shortly by quiet murmuring into a headset: "This is Darkstar Archer, widecast calling Almerisan Provisional Authority, over." Silence was the reply; the comms officer double-checked his equipment and tried again: "Darkstar Archer widecast calling Almerisan Provisional Authority, please respond, over."

A puzzled expression crept over the Taskgroup Director's face. He called out to another crewmember, "Astrogation, has INCARTCOM reported any interstellar phenomena nearby that might be interfering with comms?" "Standby, checking... ...negative, sir. No registered anomalies for this grid..." A note of worry crept into the Astrogation tech's voice as he continued, "Sir... I'm not seeing the colony." The Director's brow furrowed as he strode across the CIC to Astrogation, hovering behind the tech's chair. "What do you mean, 'you don't see the colony?'" The tech leaned to one side, to give the Director a better view of his console display -- there was nothing registering where the planet Almerisan should be. In fact, Sakharot, Arkhala and Velsanna were absent as well, something which seemed to confuse even the Astrogation Database, as the plotted orbits of these worlds were pulsing red. Perplexed, the Taskgroup Director began a mental rundown of recent events: Almerisan Provisional Authority had failed on three consecutive occasions to check in at specified intervals. The Central Authority had therefore dispatched a Fleet Taskgroup, S7F4, to investigate, and shortly after departing Rembar orbit the Taskgroup had arrived in the Caltarean Pride system -- their current predicament.

With no new answers, the Director instead queried the Astrogation tech, without removing his gaze from the screen, "You're positive this is the correct system?" "I'm certain, sir. The database recognizes Caltares, but..." He trailed off, the stench of apprehension slowly creeping into the CIC atmosphere. The Comms tech broke the silence, "Sir, I'm not getting anything. No response to hails on any frequency, and no chatter on CS or MS frequencies." A frustrated curse escaped the Director's lips, "Skrag.. This makes no sense. An entire starsystem can't just disappear like this," he muttered. With a sigh the Director began weighing his options, before deciding a different approach would best suit the situation. "GroupOps, contact Element Nomad and dispatch them to Almerisan orbit for a visual check." The GroupOps technician quickly replied with a curt "Yes sir" and set about her task.

The CIC was cloaked in a pensive hush, the Taskgroup Director nervously pacing back and forth. None of this made any kind of sense -- three whole worlds, gone, without a trace? It just didn't compute. He felt a slight twinge of primal terror, a gut feeling that something was horribly wrong, although he had no idea what. With a huff he suppressed the nagging doubts, shifting his attention to survey the CIC. A shaky voice rose from the GroupOps console, breaking the silence. "Element Nomad is in position..." As the tech continued to read the communique from Element Nomad, confusion quickly turned to fear: "N.. Nomad reports.. large debris field at the expected position of the colony."


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7 hours ago, Victor-933 said:

In a similar boat to @Amiir, I'm not writing a novel. Not focusing on an individual character, either, but I am working on a sci-fi universe with a heavy militaristic slant to it. Occasionally I'll string together a short story from stuff I've worked out.



Oh? Cool! I also got a sci-fi universe dealing with the major conflicts of the major superpowers of the milky way. The first story deals with the protagonist named Ikaria; a naive young journalist who wants to make it big and follow her mothers footsteps . She takes a job as a freelance war reporter from a big media outlet to cover a civil war on an alien planet. There is a problem with that though, one she has never left her home planet let alone human space due to her overprotective father, two since she is freelance she makes less money expense accounts, security, or insurance. Though she is able to use her families wealth to hire a group of Mercenaries, transportation and a guide. While reporting she sees the horrors of the civil war, ethnic cleansing, child soldiers, slavery etc. 


If you all want I can get into it more?

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I have a story that I took a break from even trying to work on about 9 months ago. The plot probably isnt going to be as serious or complicated as the other stories here and its hard to describe it since I'm not sure where its going to go. The main character is me in every way mentaly, with the second main character being someone who is letting me live with him. Even though I talked about ideas for the story, I dont think I'll go with any of them. Also, I'm kinda making it up as I go along.

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A big plot change to Tune Into the Turnabout:

A radio DJ collapses and passes away during his morning programme and his assistant is accused of the murder.
Athena Cykes and Trucy Wright take the case (since Phoenix Wright is busy running the agency and Apollo Justice is out of the country).
A simple murder in one room, with no real discernible motive from the defendant.

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I'm currently working on a post-apocalyptic story following the trials and tribulations of an old robot and a russian cosmonaut after a worst-case scenario yellowstone eruption that throws the world into another ice age type deal. Haven't gotten very far with it due to work and such, though.

I have the first chapter finished if anyone's curious.

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4 minutes ago, #00Buck said:

I'm writing a story about a bass that posts on a forum and gets drunk on vacation in south america. 

But does the bass wake up in the middle of a nature show about 'big catches' and rethink his alcoholism before dating one of the camera people, tho

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Just now, LadyRadarEars said:

But does the bass wake up in the middle of a nature show about 'big catches' and rethink his alcoholism before dating one of the camera people, tho

He drinks and thinks about "the one that got away" and drowns his sorrows. 

The title of the book is "Catch and Release" the story of a fresh water bass in love and loss. 

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On 6/29/2016 at 11:43 PM, LadyRadarEars said:

I'm currently working on a post-apocalyptic story following the trials and tribulations of an old robot and a russian cosmonaut after a worst-case scenario yellowstone eruption that throws the world into another ice age type deal. Haven't gotten very far with it due to work and such, though.

I have the first chapter finished if anyone's curious.

That sounds really cool man!

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Idgaf that this is extreme necro

"The River"

ESU (Eastern State University, Texas) Independent A Winterguard, presents is 2017 program, "The River." Performing to the beautiful sounds of
South Korean pianist Yiruma's "River Flows in You," the show will sweep you into its currents and blow you away with its beauty!
(** indicates the protagonists, * indicates a main character, no star indicates a supporting character)
Introducing the staff:
Elisabeth Quinn (♀34strLeopard) - Director
Alan Gregson (♂26biHusky) - Assistant Director

Introducting the team:
1. Molli (♀21strCat) - Flag Captian, Senior, Flag/Rifle/Sabre*
2. Derek (♂21gayLynx) - Weapons Captian, Senior, Flag/Rifle/Sabre**
3. Juila (♀20biOtter) - Dance Captian, Junior, Solo-Dancer/Rifle/Sabre*
4. James (♂21biRedFox) - Senior, Flag/Rifle/Sabre
5. Allison (♀20strLioness) - Senior, Flag/Rifle
6. Kendra (♀20lesHyena) - Junior, Flag
7. Jordan (♂19strDeer) - Junior, Flag/Rifle/Sabre
8. Matthew (♂19strBear) - Sophomore, Flag
9. Leslie (♀18biLizard) - Sophomore, Flag/Sabre
10.Leslie (♂20gayLizard) - Sophomore, Flag/Rifle
11.Harrison (♂20biHusky) - Freshman, Flag/Rifle/Sabre
12.Lila (♀19strShiba) - Freshman, Flag*
13.Navaro (♂19biCoyote) - Freshman, Flag**
14.Karen (♀18strOtter) - Freshman, Flag
15.Klaus (♂18strOtter) - Freshman, Flag
ESU Show Schedule:
Debut @ ESU Contest on Jan 21
@ Jamestown HS on Feb 12
@ WGI San Antonio on Feb 25
@ Morgansville HS on Mar 11
Circuit Champs @ Williams HS on Mar 26
WGI Prelims @ Dayton on Apr 6
WGI Semi-Finals @ Dayton on Apr 7
WGI Finals @ Dayton on Apr 8
Derek and Navaro are part of the same winterguard, having met each other during the fall season as each other's big and little
(terms that mean that Derek was Navaro's mentor). They've known each other for 5 months (August to December), and developed feelings
for another, but neither of them know that! Over the course of the season (Late Nov-Early Apr), they come to learn more about another
and maybe their relationship would happen, but not without trials and tribulations.

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