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Been listening to the Rooster Teeth Podcast since episode 1 (back when it was Drunk Tank). I've listened to... all 377 podcats.

...Time... well spent? 

I have no idea if it'd be interesting for you. If you don't necessarily like RT, it'd just be a couple of dudes, sometimes women, talking about whatever the fuck and having fun. It's been good entertainment over the years for me, though. 

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I used to love listening to podcasts and had a whole bunch of them I'd listen to. 

Now I don't have the time or ambition or frankly the interest. :\

I mostly listened to stuff from CBC Radio One and NPR. 

I really liked Wiretap before they concluded. This American Life was always excellent. The Moth was pretty interesting.

Really lame-o stuff but I enjoyed it. 

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He can be over-the-top at times but Dan Carlin's Hardcore History is pretty good (His WWI eps are currently free, his eps on the fall of the Roman Republic are not but they're great). http://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/

Canadaland can be good. They cover a range of contemporary topics and sometimes have interesting guests on. http://canadalandshow.com/podcast/

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