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Rave/Rant: Finding stray animals


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So uh...I found a dog today. Its a pomeranian.

Took him to the vet to see if they could find and chip or tat on him. But no dice.


I found him on the side of the road by the street I live on going home. Pulled over, walked down to see if he'd come over, he did and I fed him a bit of granola from my pocket. He's friendly, and I picked him up.


After the vet I figured Id start looking asap. Maybe he lives closeby and probably escaped the fence that housed him in some of the neighborhoods by the road so maybe Im being paranoid. I mean, he must have a home. Besides not beinf clean he's not starvingly unkempt. Still was worried though...I might stop by and put more signs up.


Also found a baby bird by the porchsteps of my apartment whaddufuuuuu ⊙^⊙ 

So here I am thinking "Dammit where are all these animals coming from I cant play hero to all these hapless animals"


At least with the bird I did some research and found it was a young fledgling, probably learning how to fly and survive and peak adulthood. Fair enough, if it dies it dies, no need to be a hummingbird parent and overshelter the damn thing, little buzzard's gotta learn somehow. So I guess I just released it to a bush nearby instead of where it was out on the open steps. Hopefully now its safer and I didnt fuck up its life. But I mean, trial and error I guess? Maybe I inadvertently helped it not be out in the open able to get caught while its still learning to fly.


And the dog? Seriously I cant keep this Kid, I hope it did have a home thats taking care of him so I can return him I just didnt want him outside near the street...even if it was by the edge of the grass of the fences where I assume he lives :/


I dont know, I probably shouldnt keep trying to do this :< But dammit I cant help it

...eh well, I'll ask the SPCA if nothing happens. He's cute enough  for someone to take home.


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