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This subforum is far too dusty. :C

Also there needs to be a thread for this comic. 

I recieved two of the print copies today!!! ^_^


Anyway, if you haven't read it, you should. It's a pretty cool anthro-themed fantasy series: dreamkeeperscomic.com

The first three volumes are available to read online for free; the 4th one will be free once the 5th eventually comes out .

I think it's pretty damn good; although the art at times veers a little too far off into the "ooo, edg3y" category for my liking.

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Fur really liked it! Fur was dissappointed at the time it wasnt free so Fur couldnt read its content without buying so my interest waned. However, Fur just thought ewe had to keep buying the rest of the content Fur didnt know ewe could read on for free after a bit of waiting.

Fur may definitely read on and find out what's new since my last read.

Fur understand the artist needs monetary support too but Fur cant ever seem to...whip...out the money for it.

Edit: Apologies for the april fools edits

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