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Skeery games?


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There's a thread I saw that was kinda old and didn't get many replies and I didn't get to respond to it (thought I remembered posting in one here, but I guess not), not sure if I should bump it or make a new one... Opted for a new one. If ze mods don't like, ye can lock. :3


So. Horror games. I'm insanely picky when it comes to anything horror related, including movies and TV shows. They have to be well thought out and not just jump-scare/gore-filled types. Those make me yawn. I need psychological and unpredictable scares and if a game takes forever to bring that skeery feel, I get bored of it very quickly. The first Penumbra is an example of "took too long", and when it did finally show me a skeery, it wasn't skeery at all, and then it went back to being super boring.

Such games can also be ruined for me if solutions to puzzles are very hard to find. Example of such a game is Knock Knock. Surprisingly a very creepy game, but I'm stuck and can't figure it out, am not sure where I am in the game to look up a solution, so now it's just become a frustrating experience and has lost the creep factor.

Monstrum is another example of "too frustrating". It's extremely difficult to get into because the difficulty is insane, you basically have to play it for 50 hours just to get decent enough at it to start winning. It started out being pretty creepy, but after so many deaths in such a short time span (I only have 83 minutes played on it apparently) and not being able to get anywhere near done with the objectives to win, it just turned into something too frustrating to play anymore. I might try refunding it, but I've had it so long I dunno if I can now.

The only game I've said "nope" to and legit gotten scared was Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Seems like people either loved it or hated it, and I would bet money that the people who call it "boring" are the types that don't actually play it how it's intended to be played: in the dark, no TV or music playing, all alone and no guides to help you. If you let yourself get immersed, how can it not scare you? The puzzles were just the right difficulty for me to not lose immersion over something hard to solve, with the exception of one that I had to look up and it turned out I just missed something silly.

One of my all-time favorites is The Cat Lady, probably my favorite actually tied with Amnesia: TDD. It's not very scary tbh, just kinda creepy, but the story... oh that story. I love it.

Another really fun one is Darkwood. It's kind of a top-down survival horror that is very simplistic in style, has a story, and is quite hard but rewarding once you get used to how to not die. They've made a lot of changes to it since I last played it so maybe some things have gone south, but I would still highly recommend that you check it out if you like the horror genre.

Anna was ok. It had a lot of hype (asm uch as you can in this genre), but I don;t feel it lived up to that. It was only creepy the first couple hours really and then little bits in between, otherwise meh, and I didn't really get into the story. Mannequins yo... Nuff said, but after a while the random encounters with them become expected and dull.

FEAR 1 and so far FEAR 2 are not scary in the least (just a tad creepy is all), but for some reason FEAR 1 stuck with me loooong after playing. I still feel drawn to it. It might be because I forced myself to play it and finish it in a couple days, but when I did finish it I felt almost sad, like I was losing a part of me. Very odd, never had that feeling about a game before and there's plenty of games that I've played for days straight and for more hours.

If I had a PS4 I really would like to play Until Dawn. I watched a streamer I follow play it and it looked creepy, not really scary, but entertaining nonetheless. If you have a PS4, check that one out if you haven't already.

My most recent game of the genre is Dead by Daylight. I wouldn't call it scary, just a little creepy, but it would be hella fun to play in a group as the survivors. It gets intense for sure.

A game I would like to check out some time is called Layers of Fear. I watched a gameplay video of that when I first saw it on Steam and it looked like it had the potential to be very Amnesia-like in the sense that you need to get immersed to get scared, and once you do, it's good skeery fun. I wasn't entirely sold on it at that point and I have a ton of other games I need to get through, so I dunno if I'll ever be getting it.

I have some other ones I haven't gotten to try yet, would like to soon though.

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