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RANT: Groundhog Day

Kellie Gator

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I've made many threads about being depressed before but this time I felt I wanted to bring up a problem that I'm sure we've all experienced before, so you're all free to offer advice or experiences on your own.

So anyway, now it's another weekend. Almost every weekend is the same. Heck, almost every week, period is the same. I do my Biology studies, I do my chores, go to my water gymnastics to get a workout twice a week, play video games... and it repeats and it repeats.

Weekends are often the worst for me because I'm all by myself then, no school or people to meet. Life gets monotonous, every weekend feels the same, like that Bill Murray movie this thread's named after (Edge of Tomorrow was a much better movie tho, FUCK YEAH). I cook when I have to, I do dishes, groom my body hair with a razor and an epilator, I clean my place every two weeks... and it's the same. Every single week or every two weeks.

I'm just getting sick of doing the same stuff over and over but I feel like I have little choice. Sometimes I wonder if I have OCD (I know my brother does) but probably not 'cause I don't have compulsive habits that affect my life negatively. I just feel... bound by some kind of duty, a responsibility. I HAVE TO cook, I HAVE TO do the dishes, I HAVE TO clean, I HAVE TO use that damn epilator every week, and I HAVE TO study and often I put all of these things before my own mental health and happiness. Because I've lived alone in this apartment for five years now. No one's gonna do any of these things for me. I have to do it. Chores, grooming and personal hygiene don't do themselves.

But I'm feeling less motivated, less inclined, and I wonder how long it'll take before I just stop doing all these things so I gotta buy a bunch of frozen crap food and be hairier than a fucking yeti. I'm sick of the constant repetition.

Something needs to happen, but I dunno what. You guys ever have the same problem?

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Not personally, no. I'm only 17 and still at high school, so I'm still learning new things and meeting new people and stuff which keeps things lively. Plus I do a lot of drumming at school in music class and in a few school bands/shows, which I really love doing so that's great.

Weekends can be a bit boring though, I'm friends with a lot of people at school but I never really meet up with anyone outside of it, so most weekends I'm usually in the house a lot or on my laptop (I'm not lonely or anything btw, I just like having time to myself on most weekends). If my laptop gets boring then doing stuff like reading, swimming, going for a walk whilst listening to music, or even just studying stops me from being bored.

I've got a feeling all this will probably change once I move out the house though. That'll suck. Still though, I'm quite a naturally optimistic person so regardless, I'm feeling pretty positive about it right now.

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I get the same problem a lot.

Sometimes just getting a new hobby or trying something new goes a long way. Even if it's just finding a place to visit every now and then. Or some pursuit to keep oneself busy, like a creative hobby or job-hunting.

I do write, sorta, I have a novel I'm about halfway finished on, just... I don't have a lot of motivation to work on that lately. That and Metal Gear Solid V is taking up a lot of my time.

Well, that's life. We have no choice.

You can try changing it by doing something crazy or unusual from time to time. Works for me.

It's hard to know what kinda crazy shit you can find at a lifeless dump like this. I know there's some board game convention or whatever next month I might go to but other than that I'm all outta ideas.

It's weird that you can find events for board games here but not video games or whatever. Bleh.

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I think everybody experiences this from time to time. I personally go through a stage where i get bored of going out with friends, playing videogames, seeing family, or doing anything for that matter. I'll just waste the day watching videos on YouTube. Ironically, it's days like this that gives me motivation to make the most out of the time i have. 

I guess you need to experience the bad to appreciate the good.

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