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UltraSabers Obsidian Sound board


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So my other hobby is cosplay in the Star wars Fandom.  I've just ordered another Ultrasabers emerald light saber, with the Obsidian v4 sound board.  But they do sell the v3 sound board as a spare part.  "But Irreverent, what's the furry tie in?" you ask.....  The tie in is that the sound board can be loaded with your own sounds, has a motion sensor and can drive LEDs and or other low voltage devices.  Possible applications for for the fur suiter or fur suit builder would be:

Growls, roars or other sounds driven by a motion event (pouncing, dancing etc)  Flashing LED eyes, tails or body wires driven by motion events or contact switches.

Its  really limited to the imagination of the end users.  Check em out!





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Had a look at Saberforge.  Their hilts are probably a tad more canon to the movies, but I think the emitter and sound is better on the Ultra's/

You could load the sound of a 870 being racked with buck shot, or the satisfying zing of an open faced spinning reel  bass cast. ;)

Ok, I give up, I have no idea how to multi-quote..... :S


The fact that I'm still half naked and drunk from a Super moon skinny dip may have something to do with it.....

I know a few people in the 501st Legion that uses them and they are good for the price. There's also Saberforge as well if you want to compare:


Yes, I had a look, but I prefer the tech on the Ultra's.

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Hmmmm. I'm going to start work on an animal crossing themed fursuit. This would be pretty cool. Since their eyes kinda "flash" and they have a bunch of different sounds for emotions, this might work nicely. 

Interesting.  Report back with progress, eh?

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