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Rave: A sergal's move across the country


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I know the UK is small, and moving across the country for us is only like 4 hours and folks in the US need to get PLANES to see their loved ones when they move across the country, but hey, it's all about what you're used to, right? And moving 3 hours away from the only place, and the only life I've ever known, is still a scary thought. I'm still trying not to think about how far away I am from the place I've lived since I was 4 years old.

So I lived in the South West of England for 19 years, roughly. But you gotta go where the university that wants you on their course, is. And so I have relocated to the Midlands.

The campus is BEAUTIFUL. The university is massive. You could fit like... 3 of the previous university I went to in it. But... that didn't stop me feeling at least a little nervous about the move, or stop me feeling sad about not being around my parents, who I love, and are a huge part of my life. Or my cat, who is my entire world. How could I go a whole month without waking up to Dizzy snuggled in beside me? The thing is, she's gonna miss me even more. I've just upped and gone in her eyes, she won't understand that I'm still around and coming home again some day.

So today I've woken up in my bedroom for the year for the first time, and things are great. All the apprehension I felt before the move is gone.

I moved into a block of flats on campus, and the grounds around here are so beautiful. I can hear geese calling from my room! It's like home from home, really. And the flat itself is really great. I'm gonna be living with 11 other people, which sounds crazy but it'll work out. 7 of us moved in yesterday, and most of us are on the same degree course, which is great (the med students here can only try for one residence on campus, so it's either here or off-campus, so it makes sense that there's a high density of us). My flatmates are friendly, and I hope we will get along well. We seemed to all get along well, anyhow.

So last night we just did our own thing, went for a mini tour of the campus and got really drunk back at the flat. Didn't go to sleep until 4AM, so by that point, I'd been up for almost 24 hours.

So that's the first day of my new life, and I think I'm gonna like it here.

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That's great Alexx.  I've always seen universities as a haven; a small town built for all needs within walking distance, as well as a center of knowledge.  When I attended university for the first time, I got a sense of freedom which I haven't felt before.  To live in one sounds like a dream I once had (I'm not kidding).

I wish the best for your future!

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