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War Thunder, Pilots and Tankers Report!


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So where are all the Fellow, War Thunder players at here?

Rabid_Weasel, Here

I'm primarily a Pilot but exploring the Tanks now that I have my Jet.

Started with the Americans so the are what I kept to, didn't know any better.



If you like war games come see me in the skies, Free to play but actually free you can pay for bonuses but no level cap or such.

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nice, =BHLW= kilianke here, i barely play tanks, just aint good at it

plane wise im mainly british, up to my first meteor and the other nations are tier 3 (except USSR late tier 4)

so, im assuming you play in squads aswell?

I have tried but everyone kept flaking out, which is normal but never got anywhere ya know.
I've really pimped out my bombers, I adore them a kid favorite mostly

Working on my first tier5 bomber now, am a completionist so every nation has all up to tier2 planes, tier3 was wearing on me so will be back at that lol.

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I see, eh

Well, i'm open to playing some matches together, although i'm mainly into arcade (realistic works aswell, just not my favourite thing). Although i have more of a offensive role then a defensive role, i'm one of those people orientated on killing whatever moves and comes my way.

You see, i have a special connection with my planes.


Gotta love my spitties, theyre like personal flying chainsaws ^.^

And about squads, i play in squads with some mates quite often, and being in a voice chat really does increase your squad's performance, as you can ask eachother for assistance without getting shot down because you're busy typing.

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Pilot/Tank Commander Kinharia here. I fight for the glory of the Red Star! Ireland may be neutral... but I'm not *evil grin*

Ireland being neutral? Let me tell you mate, neutrality doesn't matter, last time we were neutral, they blew up Rotterdam, so ya better get those guns ready!

PS, i fight for the Red Maple leaf and the Kangaroo... does that count?

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