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How to be a good parent?


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Damn, this really does remind me of how much I want to be a mother.

As others have said, love and understanding are what you need to give - not your own anger, problems, or hatred.

A child is so so intelligent in ways that parents don't understand, they under estimate them and treat them with the same level as interaction as dogs.... they need far more.

Personally I would involve my child in things I like or skills I find useful so long as it does not stifle their own personality - at a young age they would learn to love the earth beneath their feet and know it will always be there for them.

If I hadn't grown up in nature I know I would be dead by now, it's helped me so much even when times were so dark.


(Also thank fuck I can't have my dna made into a child, I would not want to curse them like that)


Edit: Let me go into good examples from my parents


- Loving every creature no matter how small or strange and the gentle beauty of nature.

- accepting of me even when I wasn't, and trusting me to make my own decisions


- Being interested in my interests and supportive

- loving person


Now.... it wasn't perfect. There was a divorce, alot of yelling, constant stress.... but I still love and respect them.

Probably a major part of my development was other figures in my life, I have a strong memory of my best friend's Comache Grandpa (he prononced it like tha'ka) who would just sit and tell stories. It stuck with me for some reason.

We also had a deacon at our church, a cherokee man named Lawrence who would (according to my mom) tell us stories about the white buffalo.

It's hard to remember much else due to repression, depression, and probable brain damage, but the point is your children will need love and appreciation for the beautiful things in life... but you won't be perfect and they need to be exposed to other ways of life to develop properly.


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On 11/08/2016 at 10:13 AM, Sarcastic Coffeecup said:

Just avoid doing what parents did with millenials and you'll be fine

Every generation ever complained that the subsequent generation was terrible. There are even ancient Greek accounts of grumpy old men bitterly complaining that subsequent generations were entitled and narcissistic.


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1. If a child does something wrong repeatedly, don't yell at them and punish them immediately. Take a moment to think about what they did wrong and explain why it is bad. Parents that do this usually have respectful children once they can think on their own. If you do everything right and put reason behind their decisions and yours, they could grow tolerant and tough. 

2. Let them form their own opinions. Everyone is the hero of their own story and there is a reason they could be the way they are. Don't throw them out for being different. If you don't like the way they act be calm and try and persuade them why their opinion is wrong.

3. Don't be afraid to say no. Don't batter children on the head every day expecting them to be tough, that makes them weak. Wait for them to find weakness in themselves and strengthen it. 

4. If they love procrastinating don't just tell them to start working, show them a reward for their troubles. Money is a nice common motivator for children these days (maybe good food too). Don't just reward them for doing one thing right, keep a bonus in your hand for consistently doing the right thing.

Every parent I've seen that follows these rules has children that are up high and have opportunity that could change society. Maybe you could have one too. There's a lot of pressure in being a parent but pressure can turn dust into diamond. Have a little faith in yourself along the way, it will do the whole family well.

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