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Paintball furs? Whatcha running in the field?


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So fresh off the Hobbies thread, here's a peek at the ancient otter's paintball toys:

The modern kit:


Clock wise from top: Tippman A5 with RT, Tiberius T8 pistol, Tippman A5 with e-Grip and Flatline.


The older kit (Photobuckit is being stupid with the image, I'll get it fixed)


CCI Phantom with .45  ACP grip, PIrranah Long Barrel, Nelspot 007 pistol, Sheridan K2 sidefeed and a Tippman SL-68 iwth back-bottle adapter.

and the first marker I played with....


An Airguns of America  AGA 62 mag-fed in .62 cal ball.



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Once in a while I do some paintball stuff, usually only the yearly Invasion of Normandy (though conflicts with cons prevented me from attending last year and will prevent me attending in 2016).  I ran a Spyder Xtra with a Dye Ultralight and some minor mods.  I have some sorta electric Spyder now that a friend gave me used.  Oh, I also have one of them Apex barrels. 


Mostly now I just play airsoft. 

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