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your music inspired millions
kids like me who lived in childhood pavilions
cuz I guess that [in the end] I'm [numb] and [faint]
but I will be [breaking the habit] because to me you were a saint
your songs kept me going when I was left unknowing
a [papercut] to the heart as you leave
you were [just one step from the edge], and chose to [run away]
with the [high voltage] [one more] light grows cold
like [my december]'s spent looking for a place for my head.
two of your posters used to cover my wall, with a hybrid theory
i predict An [encore] from every fan that will now go weary.
for a man who killed himself, you saved so damned many
Its [heavy] as I [leave out all the rest]
because of you [what I've done] is now a passion
[in between] [no roads left] and those 
[little things you gave away]
now you family has [no laundry], but you are [not alone] anymore. you are [the catalyst] for my inspiration now its 
[lost in the echo]
thank you chester
you started from one [rhinestone]
and left us fighting for you armed with 
[sharp edges]

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The Fifth of Neverember


I remember the night

That never quite happened

When I woke up too fast

From a dream far too real


When we all sat together

How we spoke of the birds

And of the clouds in the sky

Like the waves of the sea


I remember the day

When the past went away

When we put time together

In a less painful way


No matter the hurt

It’d all be okay

Because the night was all over

And we had a new day


Do you remember the day?

How we’d sit down and pray

To make all the wrongs right

And take away all the fright


When words didn’t hurt

And I didn’t hide

When I didn’t shirk a truth

That I now can’t abide


I miss that night

How it faded away

Replaced by another

Too real and too gray


Words not spent on truth

But squandered on fear

An entire day missing

Someone hurt so dear


The birds waste away

Locked in their cage

The clouds have grown still

But still do not rain


The sea becomes cold

And chokes out the life

There are no more words

Worth speaking, anyway


But I still remember

Sometimes, late in bed

The night that never happened

And the words we didn’t say


And if I had the chance

I’d turn back the clock

The Fifth of Neverember

The day I always regret

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Rebel the Noise


The beast inside can quell its own voice by taking a small time to listen

To watch and see the lake's water clear glisten


Find peace in absorbing something quite simple yet few will do

Because we say we have not the ability nor really time to


See what lies right in front of us….without minds race

Void of reprimanding...malice torn asunder in this place


Walk out beyond the water's line

And sense beyond the rules of time


Find your center and be made free

Beyond these laws and across the sea


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