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They are animals given the fact that they are multi celled organisms and wouldn't really call them privative they have been doing well for the 700 million years they've existed so they haven't really needed to evolve that much to adapt 


Plus one species of jellies can pretty much live forever Turritopsis nutricula

turritopsis-nutricula-3.jpegas it can go through cellular transdifferentiation, a process whereby the organism's cells can essentially become new again I and lots of other people think that they're awesome so don't go dissing jelly's bro XP

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The description that Joel gave is broadly correct, except I would contest that Jelly fishes's nervous systems are indeed primitive, that they may not have been around for 0.7bn years and that there is good evidence to show that they have done a lot of evolving.

The Jelly represents the medusoid form of a Cnidarian coral. Corals live bi-phase life styles with a coral polyp phase and a jelly medusa phase which has the sperm and eggs.

The Jelly fishes have evolved to reduce or lose the coral polyp phase, while many corals have lost their medusoid stage.



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Basically what Joel said, The kingdom "Animalia" covers a broad range of organisms and not looking like a familiar animal species such as including traits like eyeballs does not make it "not an animal"

Animals can range anywhere from microorganisms like tardigrades to animals that appear plantlike but lack qualities that plants have like photosynthesizing their own nutrients (Anenomes and sea sponges)

To...even creatures that appear to be rocks


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