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[Logo here eventually]

Hi! My name is Ampers& and I'm a purrfessional knitter! In this first post I'm going to have my commission information, as well as my project queue


To commission me, please fill out this form in a note :3
I will respond promptly with a price estimate that will cover the cost of yarn and my profit

Examples of my work made on commission are posted on this page. You may request of me anything I've already made before, you can find a pattern online on a website like Ravelry.com, or you can describe to me what you'd like and we can discuss patterns and ideas

(I will be updating this queue as I work on projects. Commissions will be bumped up over personal projects)
(Commissions will be in PINK and personal projects will be in RASPBERRY)

1  Duotone Scarf for Sourdough, Navy and Black
Georgetown scarf, Aquamarine
Fair Isle hat, Nuclear

Fox Scarf, Black and White w/ 1 Black ear
Drop Stitch Poncho, Smokey Quartz
Grrlfriend Bag, Bubblegum

All prices are in Canadian Dollars and do not include shipping, please budget 5-10 dollars for this

Commissions, Orders and Purchases from my stock will all include with them a page of care instructions :3


EDIT: so I've had a lot more interest in custom work than in my ready-made stock. I'm going to exclusively focus on commissions in this thread, and build up my stock for Furnal Equinox. Examples of my work can still be found at the previously linked page. I'll be listing my personal projects in the queue still for the sake of my memory and to inspire anyone looking for custom work~

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On 9/17/2016 at 4:26 PM, PastryOfApathy said:

Please buy kits stuff! She's awesome and I am totes gonna get something when my financial situation is more comfy~!

Y'know, comfy like warm n' cozy kitten mittens in this harsh uncaring wasteland we call New England.

Yes I can say I've seen the products in person and the quality is excellent. 

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