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Reminder: The Red Lantern vs The Blackhole


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Because there's been confusion about this topic lately, we feel that clarification is needed.

Pornographic material and things of a sexually explicit nature are ONLY allowed in the Red Lantern.
If you wish to post such material, you MUST be a member of Red Lantern, and post those topics there, specifically.

The Blackhole originally filled part of this function (albeit to a lesser extent) from a time when the Red Lantern did not exist. However, as the Red Lantern became available to us, it has since stopped being allowed.

Do NOT post any graphic explicit content, be it visual, written, or otherwise in the Blackhole. It will get moved or removed. And if you do not have Red Lantern access, you will lose access to your topic.

If you wish to apply for Red Lantern access because you do not have it, you can do so [here]. (18+ ages only.)

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