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Curious about Food Accessibility in Phoenix


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I've been living in the downtown Phoenix area for some time now, and I was wondering how long it takes you to get to the grocery store either from work or your home. There is quite a severe lack of grocery stores within a reasonably close proximity to the downtown area (surprisingly). I prefer to ride my bike whenever possible, so I bike to Safeway which takes about 10-15 mins going one way. How long does it take you to get from the grocery store back home and do you use a car, bike, or walk?

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1 minute ago, Eggdodger said:

The coyotes never try to take my soy milk. Have you tried going vegan?

Well I'll be... you must think I'm some kind of Pinko Commie Liberal if you think I'd give up my steaks just because of a little coyote...

People nowadays...

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2 hours ago, MuttButt said:

I only have a bike myself, so it usually takes about 196 hours round trip if I wanna get groceries in Phoenix.

196 hours? You'd have to stay at a hotel overnight with all your goodies.

1 hour ago, #00Buck said:

There's a Metro across the street from me. 

5 minutes walking. 

There used to be a small grocery store near my place, but they closed it down about 2 years ago.

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6 hours ago, LazerMaster5 said:

I hate to break it to you @phxbike, but this is a furry forum, not a forum for the Phoenix AZ area.

The title of the thread confused me at when I saw it at my feed. Came here, poor OP is talking about the city of Phoenix, AZ. 😂😂😂👉

You may stop trolling now


The nearest grocery store is literally 2 minutes of walk away from my apartment and nearest supermarket 10 minutes of walk away. I do not live in Phoenix, AZ (for the record). 

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