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Altogether now! Discord Art Commision Complete


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So a few weeks ago on the Discord chat I came up with the goofy idea of asking people to join me in a group comission thinking no one would join up and boy was I wrong! Within a few days my goofy idea turned into real money being passed about and details sketched out until finally an artist made the final piece for us!

All together now!.png

From left to right, @Eggdodger @Onnes @Recel @Endless/Nameless @Kinharia @Enigma @Another Ampers& @Feelwell the Rabbit

Thank you again guys for joining me on this quest and thank you to the artist Stratica (http://www.furaffinity.net/user/stratica/ https://stratica.tumblr.com/#_=_)

Maybe in a few months time (or around the new year) I'll begin looking for a new project and I'd definately love as many people as possible to join in!

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