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First build help


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I built my PC on a little over $700 and I personally love it. You could probably do the same thing I did, but you'll probably have to find a GPU that's $100 cheaper.


AMD FX-6300 (Is only about $100 and is a pretty badass processor for the price)

8GB DDR3 RAM (Like, $30?)

GTX 960 4GB (This was $230 so I don't know about this.)

450 watt PSU ($100)

1TB HDD ($60?)

Gigabyte motherboard ($100)

Windows 8.1 ($100)

aaaand a little $40 case that is small and has no wire management, but has fans and proper motherboard and HDD mounting, with one spot for an SSD.

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My system isn't all that different from Lucy's 

CPU: AMD FX-6300

SSD: Patriot Torch 120gb


GPU: MSI R9 270 2GB

Mobo: MSI 970a-g46

Case: Raidmax case

PSU: Raidmax modular 535W

Monitor: AOC i2367fh 1080p IPS

Atlantic Furniture Gaming Desk

Sennheizer HD 598 headphones

Mouse: Logitech G600

Keyboard: Corsair K65 RGB 

Its a workhorse and a heck of a good gaming machine. The only time I really have to dial down graphics settings is in Batman Arkham City but even then things look great.

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