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It seems that time again, last year I attempted the challenge as well. Sadly, it seems I'm highly inept with keeping up when it comes to the miscellaneous habits of daily life.


This year I will attempt to rise to the occassion and practice drawing oncemore, I will be updating all my accounts with pieces I make, inked drawing at least once a day.


Being October 4th (the time snuck up on me) I'm 4 pieces late, but have since done two and am halfway on track.



Inking is one of the steps in art, which is a highly important groundwork, that I often fail at :/ Traditional or digital, It takes a steady hand to make clean, crisp lines that dont look like someone with parkinsons drew them. So if you see anything off keep in mind all my stuff is a WIP in my general aptitude in the drawing deparrment


I await the journey the month will bring me~

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10 minutes ago, WolfNightV4X1 said:

Day 3: A fossa for the fossa gods


A digital lineart I attempted on a phone app called Sketchbook pro, something I did for @Fossa-Boy

I tried to keep the lines straight enough, but meh...also some weird things with this piece but hey worth a shot.


Colored version:


Aw, thanks! 


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