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Oddball 'Sona Ideas and Concepts


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Ever have a weird idea for a character that you probably weren't going to use? Maybe the product of a thought exercise or just random inspiration? One of those occurred to me today, and I figured someone else might get some use out of it (or some inspiration, or at least a laugh).

Share your "cutting room floor" concepts here.



The aforementioned idea was a honeybee character who, when asked for directions or to point something out, would do that elaborate communicative waggle dance instead of just answering like a normal person, because of deeply ingrained instincts. Shenanigans ensue.

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Having my character change colour in accordance to ambient temperature, going from being mostly brown with white underside to all-white if exposed to cold for 2 weeks or so, looking piebald during the transition.

Only problem I see happening is people not realising he is the same character with a different colour rather than 2 separate  ones.

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I like hybrid species that are creative, naturally. So...I ended up making a really weird one, I have a capricorn (goat-fish) but I combined it with a rabbit (this partly comes from inspiration of the popular fandom hybrid, cabbit) so combined I made myself a capricabbit (goatfish rabbit), I dont have a lot of art of him and want to develop him more, but this character is just a derpy cute kid of mine that happens to relate to my zodiac, haha.

I also have a plethora of other hybrid mix creations that are dear to me, one is a cat-reptile (or cat-dragon if I like the variation), but she's unique necessarily because I took the concepts of a bearded dragon and horny toad and mashed them together, most of the time she has her eyes closed like these but when opened she has really red eyeballs, this relates back to the ability of a horny toad to squirt blood out of their eyes which she can do when threatened, and she's also a  mix of fur and scales, with a layer of spikes under the chin as a bearded dragon would have and a patterned back as a bearded dragon would have.

I have a manatee that's still a WIP, a civet hybrid, a pitmation,  and a few more works in progresses. 

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