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My Peon Problem


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So, its been 10 months at the new gig so far, and I'm absolutely loving this place. I already got some good promotions as well as some new duties over at this IT company. But with great power comes great responsibility. Since I am a lot more IT savy than the new hires that were hired on with me, I have been promoted to sr. tech/Trainer. I like the increase in pay, I like the new benefits, but for the love of god, I cannot stand the people that were hired on with me.


Lemme break it down what these guys do:

- They ask the same damn questions every day.

- They refuse to browse our big ass knowledge base wiki for answers to common and simple error codes.

- They will escalate really simple problems within the first 10 minutes of receiving a call (some of which can be solved with a simple power cycle)



For real, I will go to the roof of my company's building to eat my lunch, relax and just snooze, but then I hear the clunky footsteps of their feet and a large POUND as they come busting through the door "TOSHABI TOSHABI OMFG KELLY FROM THAT ONE COMPANY CALLED BACK ON THE ISSUE THAT YOU WERE RESEARCHING AND I TRIED TO HELP BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOO ;;". I mean for the love of god, I got my sun glasses on, earphones in my ears and a book called "LEAVE ME ALONE BITCH OR I'LL BEAT YO ASS" in my hand. What seriously makes you think I want to deal with this shit on my lunch? Whats worse is when they try to impress me by attempting to touch items in my work queue. It always results in them making the problem worse as well as me dropping the shit im doing to literally work on the problem at their desk. 

Seriously, fuck these peons and fuck my hiring manager for hiring these brain dead fucks. I want them to go climb a wall of dicks and fall into a sea of cats with rabies. 




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That's probably not gonna change anytime soon until you stop holding their hands and wean them off your help. Why would they use the wiki when it's way easier to just ask you?

If they have a problem that can be solved with the wiki, defer them to the wiki. Ask them not to bother you during lunch, and if they do just don't help them. You're not obligated to do so especially if you're on break.

I'm not saying you should be standoffish or refuse to help at all, but definitely do make it abundantly clear that you're not their personal ask jeeves and you're not being paid to think for them. Point 'em in the right direction but never just give them the answer cuz then they won't learn anything and it won't make a difference the next time a similar issue comes up.

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30 minutes ago, MuttButt said:

Unless tosh is exaggerating it doesn't really sound like they're interested in learning. They just want him to solve all their problems for him. 

I see this all the time. It's the typical millennial attitude. 

Ask mommy or daddy to fix all your problems for you. 

Why bother to think and act independently? That means being a responsible and productive adult. Being mentally lazy is much easier. 

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48 minutes ago, MuttButt said:

Unless tosh is exaggerating it doesn't really sound like they're interested in learning. They just want him to solve all their problems for him. 

I wanna say its a combination of this, a combination of them panicing on the phone and a combination of them flat out wanting to get off the phone with the customer so they can browse online internet forums and celebrity gossip (90% of the time for this one). I wanna bite their heads off.


ALTHOUGH, I had 1 success story. One of my peons I trained actually took my advice, used the wikinand only comes to me with legit red flag issues and is (SHOCKER) INDEPENDANT! 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲

The rest of my peons can eat a dick, but this guy will be deemed prince of IT.

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