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Rant: Crap pedantic new teacher.


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I am doing the second maths unit in my engineering course, my collage has had a alarming amount of teachers in the engineering department leave for various reasons last year and things seem to be repeating this year.

The last week or so our decent maths teacher left because he couldn't cope with the other group of people doing the same course refusing to learn  As my group had learned enough to start the next assignment in the unit the assignment questions were put on the network as normal by our engineering teacher who had to cover maths for us, unusually he lets the class decide on a deadline and everyone agrees it will be set 3 weeks from now. (They are normally preset)

I print the questions off and solve them. We had covered graphing simultaneous equations and logarithms (basic y=ax^n , laws of logarithms, Euler's number and whatnot.) so these show up on the assignment naturally. The question about logarithms had told us to plot a graph on logarithmic paper, find a and n, then use said graph to work out what x would be if Log(y) was a value given on the question.  

The next maths teacher we are given is literally fresh from university and makes a new version of the assignment with a far tighter deadline. It gives totally different values of x and y for the simultaneous equations question along with questions on arithmetic series and geometric series that where meant for the next assignment. (though I have covered them)

 He refuses to accept my workings because I did them on logarithmic paper and claims there was a error with the assignment question. Instead he wants the logarithm  question plotting on normal graph paper and again in excel as well as asking us to scan in all our handwritten work, seemingly unable to take paper copies because "That's what employers prefer." His wiring leaves much to be desired as well making it a nightmare to copy to notes.

When everyone opens excel to start plugging data in to make the graphs he then orders everyone to log off and put the keyboards on top of the PC towers, because he assumes all the class will go on facebook during the lesson. At this point I am livid. 

He then says our group is behind (when in fact the other group is) and tries to get us to stay 10 minutes after the official end of the lesson, nobody can stay because the next lesson starts in 5 minutes. (I could complain about short as hell breaks but that would take another thread)

I now have to do all the assignment again more or less with little time to do it in. If I miss the deadline then I'll fail the unit and therefore the course.

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