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I miss her.....


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Well this is kinda a depressing rant.

Many years ago when i was in primary nobody wanted really to be befriended with me. I only had 5 friends but thats it.

But there was this one girl that i was best friends forever was.

She was a much smaller than me but we were very good friends.

I visited her often and she visited me often.

She was very nice to but sadly i left the school and also moved out with my parents .

Since then i never saw her again :(

I miss her , its hard thinking about a good friend.

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I used to dream about the people in my life that had passed my path in making their own: Abagail, Bree, Deborah, David, Gilbert, CJ, Johhny, Lizzy, Joshua, Sparrow, Ashley. Maybe even my childhood best friend, Dustin. I don't know, all I wish is that I had been a better friend to the people I love.


I suppose over time we get used to it, and I don't know if that is a good thing or a truly terrible thing.

Just do your best nova, someday your little bird sings with a voice of it's own and you have to let it find it's place.

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It's weird to look back on the friends I had in middle and high school and think, "Drifting apart is just growing up, I guess," since that's how I now look at it.

Nova, with social media and the like, I bet you could track your friend down. He/she probably has a twitter or instragram or facebook.

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