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Housemate's gonna be okay


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Not sure if I ever posted about this here, but a month or so ago one of my housemates fell sick and had to be hospitalized. He's been there since then as a result of a bout of meningococcal disease. When he woke up in hospital, he was short most of his memory and didn;t recognize family members who had shown up to see him. In light of that, and the fact that we are more casual acquaintances than close friends, we decided not to visit and add more confusion but we did ask to be kept in the loop. 

Earlier today he called my other housemate. Not really to say things were fine, just to let him know that the landlord had been in touch and was coming by to pick up the rent. That's pretty in character for him, devoid of the sappy I'm okay stuff and straight to the heart of the matter at hand.

We'd been getting updates from his family every now and then saying he's on the recovery path, but to actually hear from him is a good change of pace. As I type this I just got an update that he's being moved, so it seems his long recovery is on the home stretch. It's good to receive good news (even if it was indirectly) on things like this.

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