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Something i really think needs to be discussed about spec work considering if i recall a lot of the art exchange has request for contests and things as well as ways to promote your art without resorting to unsavory tactics like spam.


Well for those that don't know what specwork is here's a video.

I was just wondering if something like this should be added.

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Aaah, spec work and working for free... Don't mind if I drop some links with journals that I wrote on the topic, including some very useful links if I do say so myself, as this is one of my pet-peeves.





And also a good one: Should I Work For Free?

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Don't mind at all considering this i've been noticing over the years a lot on the art shack on FAF and requests for making a visual novel or game.

BTW first link you posted redirects a link to a deviation.

That's weird, as it really IS the journal-link. Huh.
Let me try that again.



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