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People that can suggest new ideas and think of stuff are awesome. People that work their mind to figure out how every new idea isn't going to work suck. They're also fucking useless and they inadvertently make every stupid little task way fucking harder than it should be.

There's nothing to achieve with idiots like that, you can work yourself into a shitty situation, and all you have is some asshole that will try to figure out why everything you might try to do will probably not work out. 100000x better is having a person that will try and help you figure out how to get out of a shitty situation...

Last shift, tasked with lifting a section of pipe ~30ft up onto a catwalk. The person I was paired with happened to be the fellow that nobody else wanted to work with, and I figured it was because he was misunderstood, and was probably a good worker. Holy fuck was I ever wrong.

If we had a crane, it would have been fuck all, but this isn't the kind of job where you just have a 100 ton crane hanging out every day, and most of the shit you do requires rigging stuff up by hand. I take pride in that kind of stuff, I'm way more comfortable dealing with hand rigging, it's 100% the people on your crew and has nothing to do with anybody signalling or running a crane outside of your crew.

Some dumb lift like this would have been way easier with a crane, though. It could have picked the pipe we wanted to fly up and put it right on the deck with absolutely no fucking around.

But, it wasn't like that, there was next to no place to hang the chainfall we were going to use, and it wound up being in a spot where I'd have to be on the ground fucking struggling to hold its load away from the steel on the way up. Basically, me trying to keep the load we wanted to get from point a to point b without it clanging on everything on the way up.

So, you have fuckface mcgee running the chainfall from up on top of where this pipe is supposed to be lifted to, and me on the ground trying to steer the thing away from all the shit it's going to run into on its way up by reefing on a rope.

Round 1, totally my fault, it looked to me like we'd be able to bring this thing right up to where we wanted it to, and handle it physically when it got there onto the catwalk we were on without issue.

it didn't quite work that way, fuckface happens to be a shit listener and can't see what's happening 5' in front of his face, so every time my arms were about to give out and I had to yell up to him to stop running the chainfall, he wouldn't listen until I was practically screaming my lungs out to fucking stop. funny thing is, i'm 30ft on the ground and he's about 5' away from what he's bringing up, and somehow he's too fucking stupid to see it progressively hanging up on another stationary piece of structural steel while it's clear as day from the ground.

yadda yadda fuck around, we get it close to deck height on the catwalk, and i run up the ladder to where he's at and we fucking struggle trying to get it on deck. all he's good for is reefing on and shuddering a 250lb piece of steel that is hanging on slings while i politely try to say DO NOT FUCKING SHOCK LOAD THIS and YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA ABOUT WHAT YOURE DOING... fuck is he a good complainer, too. fuck me for being a journeyman while this cunt is some junk apprentice, right?

so, I tell him this isn't going to work, and we're going to re-rig it. I fucked up.

Round 2:

Ok, this guy is no help at all, and an obvious issue, so we're going to take this big time slow. Whole time I'm checking the weight on the spool, and figuring out where I'm going to tag it off so it doesn't spin out of control on its way up, buddy is up there spouting 'ideas' about how I'm supposed to do my job. Every time I get him to pull up on it so I can check to see where it's center of gravity is going to fuck off to, he figures it's time to come right up and keep going and I have to fucking yell at him a few times to stop (which he's starting to get impatient about).

Yadda yadda again, fucking around, and we have a half-decent method of getting this thing up while this fuck is chirping the whole time. We get it up to where it's supposed to go, and I ran the fuck up the ladder to get to where he's at.

We're up on the catwalk moving the thing around, trying to find a spot that this piece of pipe is going to fit into, and finally, like some runaround game of tetris, there's a spot right between a section of handrail and kickboard. Fuckface is there trying to push the pipe away, saying it's not going to fit, and I'm there, knowing it's going to go, pulling it in.

I tell him ITS FUCKING GOING TO GO and reef on it, where he finally stops pushing and we get it to the point there's a 1/2 inch worth of a valve handle hanging us up. He goes on about how the handle isn't enough to get the pipe in, I take it off and we end up snagged up on another handle on a separate valve for less than a 1/16ths worth of space.

I'm fucking livid at this point.

I was like right on! Take this second valve handle off and we got this!

then the fucking asshole ran his mouth saying it wasn't going to work.

Our permits are good to 18:00, it was 17:55, the fucking idiot was right beside my radio up on the catwalk, so I asked him to radio the permit office and say we're going to need an extension on our permit, and he went ahead and fucked that up too...

ok, no more, we're putting this pipe on the ground, game the fuck over, fuck you you fucking fuck. I said we're done, this pipe is going on the ground.


then, all of the sudden, he has all of these ideas about how we can get our steel into position, and he's pissed right off when i tell him to fuck off... you should have seen the look in that piece of shit's eyes when i told him it's done.

He damn near dropped that section of pipe on the ground a few times, and me trying to be polite meant nothing to him... Nope, I had to scream at him to get him to listen... Not a fan.


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I feel you man. I remember working on a ranch over the summer taking care of horses and for about half a week I had to go through the daily chores with some chick who loves ponies but was too much of a princess to get her hands dirty. Spent pretty much all of her time grooming the animals (she chickened out when I showed her how to clean their hooves though) and complaining about the smell. Couldn't muck out the stalls, change the hay or do anything that required physical effort and when a horse sneezed on her she freaked out and spooked the poor animal. I had to send her to change her shoes when she showed up in fucking flip flops one afternoon and at the end of it she had the nerve to complain that my attitude was shitty. I was paid to take care of horses, not babysit some prissy little girl who doesn't realize that up close and personal, pretty ponies shit, piss and stink because they're ANIMALS. Needless to say the lady I worked for got rid of her after about 4 days and the next person I worked with was a lot better. 

I have some sympathy for people who are still learning, provided they are willing to actually try and learn something while they're noobs at a job but people with crap attitudes who would rather complain than work are just wastes of space and they only make your job harder because now you have to cover their useless asses just to get a job done. 

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5 hours ago, MuttButt said:

asking the important questions

He could be! some construction dudes are muscular, and some are fuccbois like me who don't look like the should be anywhere near a construction site :>

Like, he could be our secret bara Phoenix member and we all would've missed out on it. This is pretty big.

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