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Nü + ?uestions

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Hello there. Most of this information is readily available, if you would take the time to look. 

As far as NSFW material, you can reference the rules:

...and view information on our dedicated adult-material section:

As far as NSFW roleplay, there is a section for that inside the adult section, once you gain access.

We also have a designated section for SFW roleplay: https://phoenix.corvidae.org/forum/26-the-lions-pride-inn/ However, it's unfortunately not frequented much. 

Be sure to read the rules for that section also: 


If you decide to remain active here, I hope you enjoy your stay. 

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1 hour ago, thecooltiger said:

So I have some questions about this site and furry stuff too. Can I ask it here?

Is there any RP on this site? Like sexual stuff?

Aside that, I'm lonely. :'( Anyone wanna chat?

1) yes

2) kinda, there are sections for RP

3) no

4) join our discord by asking a MOD.


Other than that enjoy your stay.

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