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Sega Genesis Launch confirmed.... :y


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2 hours ago, Sourdough said:

Brazil exists in an alternate reality where Sega beat Nintendo, and everyone decided 16-bits was just the right amount of bits.

The added SD card slot makes me want this. Similar to the mini NES, the nostalgia factor of playing on actual hardware is worth them Reals.

Sounds like a reality I would like, tbh.

So is the SD card slot for running ROMs? I'm kinda surprised Sega would approve that. I still have an original console, otherwise I might have considered getting one for nostalgia, but not for that price at any rate.

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1 hour ago, Sutekh_the_Steak said:

They might have put the SD card in to get one-up on Nintendo, seeing as the NES Mini has no way to expand the number of games on it.

But by extension Sega would also be condoning/encouraging the use of illegal ROMs so idk.

Sega might not be cool with it, but TecToy don't seem to mind. This isn't actually being produced by Sega, but by one of their licenced partners.

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