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A Lovely Day Off


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I was surprised this Wednesday to learn that my project has Veteran's Day off. Technically the company doesn't take it but our client does and since we can't really do anything with out them, we get it off to. Probably. Nobody actually bothered to ask the Bureaucrat but this is what we've always done under the circumstances so we should be good.

So, I woke up nice and late at about 8:30 and decided to do some shopping for some new towels and stuff. I stopped off at a Sports Clip to get my haircut, but the wait was 20-30 min so I moved on to the mall area and the store. When I went to the checkout, one of the store attendants dropped a coupon in my basket and said 'here have 20% because I can' and walked off. I think they might have been doing it because the cashier was having trouble with the machine but that was quickly resolved anyhow.

Next, I went to the international market and bought some Russian soda pop. I saw the had Belgium waffle mix and grabbed that as well. On the way out, I noticed a Sports Clips and decided to try my luck with the wait. There was no wait and because I'd never been to their location before, I got a free upgrade to their MVP. The trim was a bit too short, but the extras more than made up for it. A warm towel around my face, leaned back in a massaging-machine chair while a pretty blue-hair lady ran her fingers through my hair :3 After the rinse-and-shampoo, we moved back to the clipping chair and had a spine-tingling shoulder massage with a handheld massaging-machine. All for the regular haircut price.

So, pretty nice Veteran's Day all around!

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47 minutes ago, Another Ampers& said:


because I can go to work again. Even though I hate weekends and holidays I feel they are mandatory otherwise I would likely get carried away. Being enthusiastic about what you do is great and all, but it can very easily lead to losing the ability to see objectively what's going on, which would lead to making mistakes and therefore ultimate failure.

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Ah, the joys of adulthood when running errands without time constraints is considered good and fun 



I know the feel. Ah well, no need to make oldfag jokes about a pleasant day of not-work. My weekends tend to be filled with a few small errands and anime, youtube, some drawing and derping on models. I never seem to have enough time for these but at least I enjoy having those brief moments to practice and art, have time to do things without worry, and relax. Plus, when you go out to the store or somewhere important to do things having the free time allows you to make random stops or deliberate on something you normally wouldn't so you can actually enjoy looking around a bit and exploring places.

3 hours ago, PurpleTail said:

I hate day offs, can't wait for the Monday to come.


3 hours ago, Another Ampers& said:


A thrilling career or education that is considered 'fun' so days off are considered boring in comparison?

Still don't see why you cant carry on activities on off days without feeling tied down by rules, regulation, and time constraint...

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After only getting one day off a week for a while, I was surprised to get Veterans Day off too and get a whole three-day weekend. They even gave veterans a free meal at the cafeteria on Thursday.

Though to be honest, due to stress where I live, I prefer to be at work most days now anyway, so it wasn't a particularly good day off for me.

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